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Not sure what to post today so I guess here's this. Hironobu Kageyama is good!


It took me at least a few months to realize that his profile picture wasn't truly a bearded guy. Upon further examination, it reminded me of this man, making me associate the theme with him. Occams is a good soul. I appreciate your presence! #OccamsToid


ignore this thing, I will post something later


Genesic Final Fusion is best Final Fusion


Have to work again tomorrow and just thinking about having to interact with my superior gets my mood down. On the other hand I managed to finish Nanoha and GaoGaiGar, do a lot in OW and play Kero Blaster and Shantae in my holidays so at least I did stuff.


Best track in Half-Genie Hero in my opinion. Reminds me of stuff but I don't know what exactly that stuff is.


Also, this song is good shit. Thank you, Juiceman!


Juice bought me Shantae so I am playing that. Current status: angrily staring at a flower


I had some pretty fun games today.


Do you know that feeling when you watch something and it just fits with something that has just happened in your life? A lot of the dialogue in Vivid Strike's final battle has felt that way to me, due to a situation I had very recently.


I have posted another version of this some time ago, but I like the movie version even more. Probably the last Nanoha track I'll be posting for a while cause I am done watching through everything of it now. Love this franchise, one of my favorites now!


This is from the first Nanoha movie. This franchise LOVES insert songs towards the end and I'm okay with that because they tend to be really good! Also watched the second movie yesterday, which was amazing. Now I only have Vivid Strike left to watch.




Prompto has finally revealed his true face.


As someone who likes mechs and is a great person all around, Panda is the perfect CM for this place! We haven't talked too much but we're talking more often lately, which I'm very happy about. She's a wonderful friend. She's also really cute <3 #PandaToid


This is it. The pinnacle of FFXV photography has been reached.


I'm watching the first Nanoha movie and I'm seriously impressed in the amount of effort that's gone into this. Same story as season 1, but all new footage and it's beautiful! And yes, I'm kinda using this as an excuse to post Fate. Because Fate is great.


This is probably my favorite track in Kero Blaster. Pretty relaxing to me!


I got the achievement for killing 4 without missing in Mei's snowball thing and I got it all in one round after only me and another guy were left against 6 enemies. I have never been so proud about snowballs and I am relieved to finally have the thing


Well, Gundam Versus on PS4 certainly looks like a Gundam Versus game.


Also, I was in a team with Bootleg Malika today.


Overwatch competitive is a lot more unbearable during holiday times. Soooo many rage quitters, flamers and seemingly 8 year old kids. Thankfully I have about a 90% resistance to getting tilted, so I'm still having fun usually!


Posting this again today because it's soooooo damn gooood.


I say this a lot lately, but: I love you all! Huge thanks to anyone who interacted with me at all yesterday. Yesterday there was a moment where I actually teared up because I was so happy and everyone of you, two people especially much, was responsible <3


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