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This scene though 😂


What are your plans for tonight??


Maybe I am the odd one out, but I was never able to finish the original Gen 4 Pokémon so the remake will be the chance I need to finish it. I also love the art style. So I don’t understand why people are so upset about it.


Got my next Trilogy to read ❤️❤️


My mental health has really tanked the last couple of days. I don’t know if it’s my medicine or something else. Got blood tests yesterday and will most likely be doing a psych evaluation this evening. Please send positive vibes my way.


Please call me a library mouse 🐭


I am thinking of going back to school to get my degree, but I have a lot of things to consider. Would you guys go back to school if you had two little ones at home? Would you do it at 27, while working a full time job? I just need some insight.


What do Juice and I do for date nights? Drink alcohol and watch Pokémon. This is peak marriage life.


I did this for you Mike.


Juice and I beat the main game of Super Mario 3D world, so now I’m gonna try to beat through it by myself. Wish me luck!


I enjoy these way too much


Ok, I finished The Mistborn Trilogy and I need people to geek out with me. Juice isn’t a big reader, and so I can’t talk to him about this series.


Juice got me flowers this morning ❤️ Best husband 🥰


New water bottle 👌😊


I finished The Mistborn Trilogy and I have so many emotions. I am still trying to process everything. It was an amazing story throughout, and I will be be re reading it for years to come!


Made a Pokémon trainer card ❤️😊


Drunk and making Juice and I quesadillas 😏


It has started snowing here. I am not looking forward to doing my crosswalk duty or driving home.....


First day went really well, everyone was really nice. I was treated with respect unlike my last job. Overall I think things are really looking up.


It’s my first day at my new job! Wish me luck!


I think I’m slightly drunk. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this buzz. Can’t go too crazy though since I’m still breastfeeding.


About Yue chanone of us since 12:03 PM on 04.17.2016

A complete and total reading nerd. I love most video games. I am not a big fan of first person shooters though. Just started getting into Anime. Madoka Magica has probably been my favorite I have watched thus far. I am starting to get obsessed.

Juice and I are married now :3 Still blogging and gaming. Just remember I have the best butts to share.

I was finally given a card and I absolutely love it. As you will learn with me I am very lewd and love all things lewd. So this card suites me well.

So that is me, catgirl, magic using, music loving girl.

Just beat Pokemon Ultra Sun, I adored it. Started playing Horizon Zero Dawn again, and I will probably get the DLC for it once I beat the game.

Also for those who are interested I have been reading a lot more lately. I am currently looking into getting a Kindle Paperwhite, to satisfy my reading needs.

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