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So after some deliberation and your recommendations, I have decided to get Stardew Valley and I have to say, it's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Just chilling out with some farming and fishing is very nice.


So between DooME and Nioh, gaming-wise, I'm getting stressed the fuck out so I'm looking for something just chill and nice and I would like to know whether you guys would recommend Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley as a relaxing game to play. Thoughts?


Well, 4 (possibly longer) day weekend from work because of all the viral fuckery. Good thing Doom is out soon.


Hoo boy, those Japanese-only-until-yesterday Kunio games are HARD. At least for me. Took me like 11 tries just to get past the first stage in Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun.


Having tallied them up, I finished 39 games this year. This is the first year I've kept track so I'm curious how 2020 will pan out.


Hey PC people, what's a good resource for finding ways to "fix" my computer? I've been attempting to play games on it again but shit keeps going wrong and I'm starting to remember why I shelved it for a year...


Who's got 2 thumbs and just spent an hour cleaning up what may have been the most heinous dog vomit to ever be regurgitated?


Picked up Daemon and played the first couple of missions. So far its exactly what I was hoping for. The mecha are fun to fly, the story is at the very least interesting so far, and I really like the art style. I can't wait to unlock cooler parts :D


I know it's highly unnecessary, but I would love a third person shooter Mega Man game in the vein of like Uncharted combined with Vanquish.


Hey I did another thing. This kit has waaaaay more articulation than my Heavy Arms from earlier. Really cool and fun to build, just need to do the weapons now.


Hey, gunpla enthusiasts of dtoid, as someone who wants to get into building robot kits, which grade should I go for? As of now I'm looking at the RX-78 and on Amazon I can get RG or MG. Which is more fun to build? Which one is "better?"


Well I can say that I wasn't expecting a new Contra game. Neat! Looks a little rough though. Hopefully they polish it a bit before September.


Man, all I want to do after working in a fucking 90° garage all day is cool off outside with my dogs and what do I get? Fucking mosquitos EVRYWHERE. Summer is ass, bring back winter :(


Apparently Hellfire is now a free addons to anyone who bought Diablo on GOG. Blizzard gave the ok to offer it I guess. Neat!


Oh my God, guys my hip finally cracked. It's been on the verge for like a week. I'm soooooo satisfied with everything right now.


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