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I think I socialize and can be myself more on here these days than in real life. As a stay at home dad extrovert with some social anxiety these days...I just struggle to really do any real socializing anymore. My best friend is my wife these days.


One of my favorite covers. Exodus fucking crushes this song.


It's that time again. Happy #ThrashMetalThursday! Here's a classic! One of the first songs in my younger years that made me begin to love and appreciate the guitar and influence me to pick one up myself.


Do you fancy knowing more than you really want to about me? Well then, ASK ME ANYTHING! I'll answer as truthfully as possible, probably. Saw someone else here do this, figured why not? Get to know your friendly neighborhood Xeo!


Goddamn I miss when death metal was this fucking dirty and brutal! I LOVE 90's death metal but haven't found a single modern death metal band that I've enjoyed. Any recommendations? Something along the lines of 90's Baphomet, Morbid Angel, Death, etc?


Finally got to see IT last night alongside my daughter. We had a great time, great movie! Was happy to see a pretty faithful adaption of the book finally.


Classic death metal kinda day. Best kind.


Well I didn't get the Metroid collector's edition, but I did get the game and the amiibros! I wanted those amiibros badly.


Been a crazy busy month! But now I'm knee-deep in Destiny 2 and I bought a New 2DS XL for Metroid: Samus Returns. So, here I am! Now with more free time back in place!


Hot-diggity damn, I'm enjoying the shit out of Destiny 2!


Despite some pretty gnarly tooth pain, today has been a good day.


Got a broken molar pulled, hurts like a bitch now. BUT, I scored an SNES Classic pre-order.


Seeing some sweet, sweet Black Sabbath in here! Here's one helluva cover from some Dio era Sabbath for you to enjoy!


Kind of just lost my job. Or at least my recent promotion. Guess I'm trying to look on the bright side. I'll have more time to play Destiny 2 and hang out with my son now I suppose. Bummed. Started watching Channel Zero: Candle Cove though. It's great.


I'm home from work just in time to wish you badass motherfuckers a very happy #ThrashMetalThursday!


#WhyNotMetalWednesday? Enbound, extremely underrated and little known power metal from Sweden that kicks serious ass.


After some progressive metal discussion, I have to share this gem. Threshold deserves a lot more credit than they get.


#AribtraryMetalTuesday Enjoy progressive power metal from Greece? Enjoy Roy Khan's vocals from Kamelot? You'll probably enjoy this.


#ThrashMetalThursday! Best day of the week! This comes from one of my favorite modern thrash metal albums/bands period. (Modern as in from this decade. Though Warbringer is still together, this is an older album. But still as good today as it was then.)


Been enjoying the shit out of Orcs Must Die! Unchained on PS4. It just clicks with me. Loving it.


#WhyNotEvenMoreMetalWednesday One of my absolute favorite bands, goddamned shame the world will most likely never see another Nevermore album.


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