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#sadsongsunday is my excuse to share more Sonata Arctica. (So #sonataarcticasunday for me?) This is one of my favorite songs, period. It has a lot of personal meaning to me, and despite being a sad song, actually often makes me feel better.


Mmmmm. New Carcass is delicious. And it fucking rips too.


In the very near future, and throughout the year I need to acquire some Gameboy (original DMG) games and accessories, like an AC Adapter. They're for my son for Christmas. Do you folks have any to sell, or know a RELIABLE source? Largely common games.


So uh, Death fans of Dtoid. If you didn't know, Nitelight did an entire remixed album turning Death's masterpiece "Symbolic" into a synthwave album. That's right, Death, as in the death metal band, but synthwave. Let that sink in and enjoy.


A recent discussion elsewhere sparked the question "Upbeat songs with dark lyrics." and my first answer from my personal catalogue was "Don't Say A Word" by Sonata Arctica. And it got me thinking...the entire "Caleb Saga" from them was fucking AMAZING.


Been playing the CoD: Cold War alpha. It's pretty fun! Same engine as Modern Warfare 2019, which is a VERY good thing, in my opinion. Time to kill feels good, guns feel good, everything feels nice. And the 3 maps are solid. But Treyarch maps always are.


Thinking on it, I had been saying Sony handled the PS5 pre-ordering situation pretty poorly. And while it could be argued that's true, at the same time then we saw how the new Nvidia cards were today. More below (This might take a paragraph or two.)


#waifuwednesday huh? I posted her in the comments to another thread last week. But the art for Miss Fortune's "Secret Agent" skin from League of Legends is too good not to share again. Checks all my boxes. Big titties. Red hair. Jessica Rabbit Fetish.


Heads up for anyone interested. Gamestop has PS5 pre-orders for both versions of the console live, in EXTREMELY limited quantity. Just returned from putting in my own. (Excuse my oldschool WoW Authenticator, used to block my hometown.)


This song is also a mood of some sort.


Damn, the new title screen music for Shadowlands in World of Warcraft is excellent! I think this might be the best one yet from all the expansions, in my opinion. Killer track!


HOLY SHIT! Brand new Dark Tranquillity! These guys never disappoint, my favorite band making new music? A VERY excited Xeo.


To many goddamn games being played at one time or another to worry about making a backlog list. I made an account anyway. Regardless, today's my wife's birthday! We played social distanced Gloomhaven earlier and soon we'll have a nice dinner at home.


About that Anthony Hawk's Professional Skateborder. It's fuckin' great! What a fantastic remake this game is. Exceptionally well done! Absolutely one of my favorite games so far this year. Makes me feel like a teenager again.


Today is my wife and I's wedding anniversary. We've been together for many years, and married for 11 of them. It sucks not being able to go anywhere really, even though we have a babysitter. So I think we're just gonna go for a long drive tonight.


I ordered my son what will be a big deal of a Christmas present. A backlit + Bivert modded Original Gameboy. He wants a Gameboy badly, but he doesn't understand how poor the screens were on those things. I do. So I opted for this mod instead. More below.


Happy birthday to both hlarge4 and Blues! I've got nothing witty to say yet today, but here to you fellas!


Watched Bill and Ted Face the Music with my wife last night. We loved it! Really fun movie with a positive message. It was so nice to get to see the duo back together one last time!


So here's my #500th Qpost! I've been recently playing through the Hotline Miami games again on the Switch. (I own these things on now 4 platforms.) And I just want to say how much I love them. These are some of my favorites period. Goddamn do I love them


#sadsongsunday huh? Alright. Let's do this. This one might be a bit sad, but it's also absolutely beautiful.


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