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Happy birthday, WES! I hope you have a great day and thank you for your friendship.


My weekend plans with the usual group. (Assuming this winter storm coming doesn't fuck everything up!)


If I somehow downvoted you, I assure you it was an accident and I'm sorry. I don't even upvote people. I find it more personal to just reply, so long as I have the time, I'll do that unless I just can't think of anything to say.


Has anyone played the board game Cthulhu: Death May Die? I ordered that tonight after some extensive research. My group is looking for something more complex than Betrayal, but not as complex as Gloomhaven. And more fast paced than Mansions of Madness.


Neil Peart dead at 67. Wrecks my fucking day, man. What an absolute bummer. We lost a real legend. RIP.


I finally started playing MHW again. I used my one free re-edit ticket to change my character to look something more like a less thicc (not by choice, I assure you) version of my wife. I guess I'm gonna have to get Iceborne soon...


Any notable upcoming Xbox One exclusive in 2020? I've considered picking one up while they're getting cheaper this year.


Happy birthday, Soulbow. From a dwarf amongst men in a sea of metal.


As a longtime Witcher fan, I'm so happy to see the series finally receive full-blown mainstream attention and praise. Finished the show finally and my wife and I loved it. As a big fan of both the books and the games, I was pleased greatly.


My top 5 (Prepare to Disagree Edition)? 1: Days Gone. 2: Sekiro. 3: Control (I haven't even finished it, but I feel it deserves to be here.). 4: Resident Evil 2 Remake. 5: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Holy shit...Control is REALLY good, guys. I'm only like 4 hours in and can see this as GotY material.


Merry Christmas, folks. As seems to be the case in my adult life, I've found myself sick on the holiday. But my kids are having a great day. My son is ecstatic. Happy holidays from my wife and I. (She wanted me to specifically include her here.)


Holy shit guys...it's...it's really happening.


To anyone and everyone who has extended their reach and well wishes to help my family and I, my wife and I want to take a moment to thank you. I'll update more below.


Is anyone else having issues with private messages not going through on here? I seem to have sent one to both indigit4l and Occams (I believe) that didn't go through. Possibly more, as I don't know who's been getting anything I sent period.


You guys have been wonderful to me and my family. I want to thank you all for being there. We're not doing so well atm, and I guess this is my coming here to ask for help. Swallowing pride, to be blunt things aren't great. (More in comments below)


I sometimes just feel like my life at this time of year in general is #Cursedmas. So no need for fancy images. Just gaze upon the washed up tide of my existence and know the truth. What you see is what you get, no gimmicks, no imitations.


How's Code Vein feel in comparison to the Souls games, or even Nioh? I'm considering trading in The Outer Worlds for it while it's on sale. (Outer Worlds has not grabbed me, like I hoped it would.)


My son's had some sort of flu. My stomach has been feeling like absolute trash today, but it could be completely unrelated, as it's not uncommon for me. Feeling genuinely pretty goddamn down lately. Kinda just wanted to vent I guess. More in comments.


My wife's back surgery was this morning. She's fine, the surgery went better than expected, according to the surgeon. She's recovering now and has even regained some feeling in her right foot toes. UPDATE in the comments.


Losing my head a bit today. Got finals eating away at my sanity, my wife's going in for Surgery Friday morning, bills are stacking again, and...My goddamn PS+ expires in a few days, so I can't even escape from madness there. I need a break.


Pokemon Sword has been an absolute blast for me and my family. Our switch hasn't seen this much action in well, ever. We're constantly having to rotate play sessions in shifts. I haven't enjoyed a game in this series this much in years.


Hey, I know this a really dumb question. But any of you folks have any codes from Pizza Roll bags with the Modern Warfare thing on it? I'm missing two, and the last one I bought someone apparently stole. Figured I'd ask on here.


It's a progressive metal kinda day today. Needing something to hopefully pull me through some stress.


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