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I dearly love my wife. But that said, for all my single friends on here, this one goes to you.


No reason, I just fucking adore Nevermore. I'm eternally sad that there will never be any more material from them ever again.


Turning 35 tomorrow and it kind of depresses me a bit. I mean, I'm going to school now to do something with myself and I have an awesome family. But this date is always a reminded of me fucking up in the past. The ticking of mortality's clock is brutal.


Hey folks, been a bit! I've been pretty busy with school stuff. But just wanted to say hey, I'm alive. How've you all been?


Been fucking slammed this week with 2019 Spring classes. Haven't even had time to play RE2 yet. But hey, I'm here and alive. Love you shitheads, and I show my affection by sharing some new wave of traditional heavy metal.


Happy birthday, Wes. Don't think I forgot you.


Happy #ThrashMetalThursday! Striker is normally NWOTHM, but thier thrashier side kicks much ass. Canada is kicking ass in the metal world lately!


New Conception. Roy Khan is officially out of retirement and it really makes me giddy. And he hasn't lost an ounce of his talent.


It's VERY rare when I'm genuinely excited to see an upcoming movie. But this one has me STOKED!


First metal post of 2019. No better band to bring it in other than Dark Tranquillity. This song's, and really this album's lyrics mean a lot to me atm. My wife is going through some serious anxiety issues, and we're trying to cope.


Happy birthday, Soulbow. I've been busy lately, but I came to say this. Love you, bro. You're one of my favorite parts of this website and the internet in general. Glad to have met you, dude. And thanks for being there during a shitty year for me.


Have a very fucking metal Christmas, you filthy animals. I love you all.


If any of you are even midly into psychological thrillers or horror, do yourself a favor and read this ASAP. I want to discuss it with you! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40605223-i-m-thinking-of-ending-things


My beautiful wife gave me my Christmas gift early. She knows me too well! #TeemoMain4Life


Well, I'm broke, but I was still gifted a copy of Fallout 76, since it saw that nice deep Black Friday sale. So far it's been...actually pretty neat. I like exploring and I want to hunt down cryptids like the Mothman and the Flatwoods Monster.


Helped my wife cook and set up Thanksgiving, then immediately went to go work retail madness. I'm motherfucking exhausted, but it's the first night this week that the wife and I will have to do some quality fucking. Once more into the breach!


Happy Thanksgiving, folks. I'm thankful for being alive, my amazing family and friends, but also I'm thankful for all of you. You guys are wonderful to me, and make my life a lot more bearable. I'm being entirely serious when I say that I love you guys.


It's Wednesday, you know what that means right? Neither do I. Here's some metal. (I MUCH prefer this version of this song/album with Ray Gillen on vocals to the final release.)


We're everything you need and more. You will find perfection in us. You will find absolution in us. You will find your meaning and the reflection of absolute self worth in us. This army does not bend, break or kneel. A metal heart is hard to tear apart.


Son of a bitch. Slipped on black ice in my parking lot last night when taking out garbage. Tucked into the fall so that I didn't faceplant, but my shoulder took the brunt of it. Feeling like I got thrown off a mountain this morning.


Christmas is a month and a half away and I'm up to my eyeballs in debt with zero money saved back for Christmas gifts for my son and daughter. She's old enough that she understands, but he's five. Can anyone spare any unwanted toys and books around here?


This has been my day. Snowday! This picture doesn't depict the snowfall, as we used it all to build this guy.


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