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Anyone decide to pick up, or considering picking up Titan Quest for PS4? I'm curious how the port is. I loved that game back in the day, and I need a good hack and slash fix on PS4 since I finished Victor Vran.


Man...I have pretty severe hand eczema. My hand is infected and it's hard to do a lot. Need a new dermatologist and my wife thinks I may need to look into disability. It's of course my dominant hand...


Any played through The Surge? Is it worth grabbing the Complete Edition on the PSN sale for $30? For that matter the same can be asked of Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gold Edition for $40. Worth it?


#Arbitrarymetaltuesday Seeing this one live was a highlight in my many years of concert going. One of my absolute favorites. The chorus creates a brutally breathtaking atmosphere live.


Well, I was lucky enough to secure a Solaire Amiibo last night and then decided to press my luck and went to the casino with my wife. Put $0.30 into a slot machine and won $216. NOT BAD!


How I spent this past Thursday night.


Got my new gaming laptop today! Massive upgrade from my old GTX 570 desktop.


Wife and I just got back from out of town to see Sabaton and Kreator live. Show kicked ass! First show of 2018 for us.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday! My favorite modern thrash band, by far. Carlos Cruz's drumming on this album/song is near perfection.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is something special. The writing is superb and it's just...thrilling to play. The realism makes me appreciate it's setting so much more than generic fantasy bullshit.


Can everyone else not send private messages right now? It says my follower/following list is empty so I can't select a user. Any way around this?


I can't decide between Bayonetta 1&2 or Dragon Quest Builders... I want a new Switch game. On one hand I know I like this game, and I never finished either one of them. On the other I love Dragon Quest but never played Builders.


Goddammit...I wrote a blog to detail my early impressions of the Secret of Mana remake...but I cannot get it to format to save my life. I had to replace breaks and spacing with lines. Please forgive that if you bother to read it!


Secret of Mana (PS4 Remake) First Impressions!

[EDIT: I cannot for the life of me get this thing to format correctly with proper spacing and breaks for my paragraphs, so please bear with me...] _____________________________________________________________________________________________...


Many moons ago I met a special young lady named Christine. We hung out as friends, and eventually did some naughty things together. It blossomed into a relationship, and now FIFTEEN years later we're happily married. This day is hers.


Anyone gotten to try out Kingdom Come Deliverance yet? I'm pretty curious about it, I love the idea of what it's trying to do. Considering trying to pick it up.


The 12th was my birthday...but I didn't get to do much celebrating. Kid throwing up everywhere, whole house sick. My wife tried her best to still make it special, bless her heart. Been a rough week so far.


Am I doing this right? (Apparently not, I cannot post images through the link bar, they don't show up here. But they show up fine in comments.)


#MelodicMetalMonday (Here's one of my favorites from a little known band.) How's everyone's monday? Still playing MHW religiously?


Guys...we need to share pictures of 'dem Monster Hunter characters. I need to see 'em all!


I love you fuckers, and this is one of my favorite songs, so I figured I'd share with you. This is the perfect song for me tonight.


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