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I'm tempted to try writing another article that mixes games with (real world) politics. Video game violence and the NRA. They demonized games long before Thompson and are way, way scarier than his pathetic ass could ever hope to be.


GOTY. Pong. Come at me, bro.


Uuuuuugh. My soul. Why does the Berserk game look better than the anime?


No matter how many chances I give it, I think Hunter x Hunter is overrated tripe. What kind of bland archetype is a Hunter and what kind of series begins with an exam arc with no time spent building up any lore or creating emotional investment?


As much as I could divert to some excellent manga such as Magi, One Piece, Parasyte, Berserk, Ranma, Gintama, or The Breaker (kind of a manga,) let's go with some proper comics. Spider-Man time. This story was infinitely better than it was given credit


When you loan a friend a car and they manage to get a DUI in an accident that they weren't at fault for. Car taken away and totaled. Friend arrested before getting info. Wheeeeeeeeeee~ This shit is going to be complicated on so many levels to deal with


You know, the irony is palpable that E3 just happened and here were all are posting about movies.




So far ReCore is by far the game I'm most interested in. Cool main character. Cool likable robot characters reminiscent of Half-Life 2. Only concern is the gameplay looks a little plain thus far.


The longer this generation goes on the more I'm inclined to refer to it as one of the least innovative periods of gaming history. VR better have a decent payoff.


Dtoid's layout keeps on getting more and more dense. Come on guys, when it comes to web design simplicity is elegance. I don't need 3 columns and 5+ rows to read about VR cockteasing.


Real world talk, there is almost no decent information available to make informed decisions on who I'm choosing for California Senator and Representatives. American journalism is a joke.


Me when I first looked at my apartment: "This thing in the window counts as AC?" Me now: "Blessed be thy AC unit, for it reduces room temperature by many degrees."


So after over a year of watching on and off, I have seen all of Gintama. Hell of an ending for season 3. One of the Top 3 Shonen Jump series of all time, easy.


Like 15 minutes in and I'm reminded why this game made such an impression when it came out.


*Browsing through Amazon.* Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie Barbeque. Ooooh, yeeeah. Now we're getting into the OBSCURE stuff.


This past year the grand majority of my gaming was playing original DS games. I bought like 20 brand new for dirt. After Radiant Historia I'll need to restock my library. Too many good handheld games for cheap.


9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. Still pretty good the second time. Don't know how I didn't piece together how all the paranormal themes tie together as the way to get the real ending. Also not sure how I missed the huge hints on how to get the real ending.


Vita vs PSP. Go. Nonono. Not the PSP Go. Just go.


Guys, I've spent a good deal of the past couple months getting into lengthy debates on politics where even the dumbest people provide citations and reasons for what they think. I gotta say, I feel like I downgraded today being on DToid.


I've been working pretty much every day for a few months straight. This weekend I did nothing but watch anime and play video games.


Down, Down Forward, Forward + P: Ultimate Move "Stealing Someone's Pudding at Night." Seriously, why does nobody watch this show?


Evil Holy Sword Let's Dancing All Night Rising Special Ultra Miracle Super Mario Brothers Second Edition Luigi's Counterattack Director's Cut


Space Invaders Extreme. Still pretty awesome. Still pretty stressful.


Pssssh. Plebs.


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