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Nintendo Switch carts might be problematic at times, but they're a godsend in the sense both Gamestop and customers mostly fear losing tiny cartridges, so they don't toss out the case and cover like a candybar wrapper. 3/3 intact from an online order :D


I find myself playing Diablo III again. I am presently ridding the world of necromancers and their undead hordes as a necromancer with my undead horde. Job security?


Not remotely good at Guilty Gear, but this is the best fighting game theme.


Custom GBA DS-ified cases are kinda stretched to fit, but passable. At least the copies of the games I found were legit. (Edit: Or not, some suss stuttering on save points. Oh well, they'll do... for now.)


I have drawn the dual-wielding, blindfolded sword lesbian card. The Two of Swords is said to represent indecision and inner-conflict. Pwrsonally, I prefer a single claymore to either crush or cleave my enemies in two, but I am indecisive otherwise.


Got a Steampunk tarot deck. I drew a Six of Pentacles. It symbolizes generosity and sharing, but I think a pentacle is like five tentacles. I don't know how to give you thirty tentacles if I'm getting this right.


On top of getting a DS Lite with a surprise 208-in-1 cart stashed inside, I found a copy of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. Software is legit, but the cartridge case is a custom clear red Esty job. So I ordered an Esty-fied DS -style case for it.


Only the latest, hottest, most hardcore games for me.


My employer went on about no talking and being productive, then the entire day we had little work and I didn't have a printer to go with my scanner for deconsolidation/packing. Sort that out send and I might not read my Cyberpunk Red book.


Kinda my mental state this week. I don't drink alcohol though, so it's Dr. Brown Black Cherry soda.


I dunno whats more insulting about this mobile game - Theft of assets from Hades while having a good artist already, throwing gacha in or renaming Nyx as "Raymond."


I'm trolling Father's and Mother's Day together. I will give them decks of playing cards and stick a gift card in each.


Forgot these were a thing, was looking to see if there were Astrologian cards from FFXIV, but I'm looking for more options on that. These will be nice for now.


E3 Community Poll. Pick one of these absolutely serious, unbiased options. You can additionally mention a game that stood out to you. I'll be highlighting comments for a weekend post. (Bump)


Samara turned me down, said I was too ruthless. So I blew up a Batarian system and told Martin Sheen to shove his cigarette down his piehole. Now the Reapers are here because no one listens.


Been watching Trese. Like it so far. Gives me some SMT Devil Summoner vibes.


Got another set of tarot cards. This is the Star Spinner Tarot, which is themed around fairy tales and does a rather diverse take featuring many cultures, body types and LGBTQ+ themes. Very cute set. There are four versions of Lovers in the deck.


Team Ninja has always had an issue with making heroes. Ryu and the DOA guys aren't interesting. William is anime Geralt. Materia and Spiritus are bargain bin Cosmos and CHAOS. FE Warriors twins? Crap. Jack sucks. They peaked at Linkle.


Ever lose your debit card, cancel it and then find it? Having one of those days. Missed breakfast, going carefully through the packed lunch. Got a Dr. Brown's Black Cherry soda in there, at least.


My Warrior of Light would like to apply for the lead role of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy.


Ubisoft making a game based on Avatar checks out because to me they are about as relevant to me as James Cameron.


Went out to the Edward McKays on the way home from work. Found a copy of FFT A2 there and brought it home. There was a copy of Pokémon Conquest for $120 and Pokémon Soul Silver was like $320. This is why I just do SMT now.


This Devil card is far and away my favorite tarot card design. I Liked the Mystic Mondays set so much I grabbed another set just for the sake of collecting.


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