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I've posted in a comment already, but this card just gives me joy.


Got this on a whim. I roll it to decide how much the snooze button timer will be multiplied.


I have relearned making me get up early to do inventory on a day I should have off makes me very cranky even with a free breakfast.


Got my hands on some more FF TGC stuff. Opus V seems to have FFXIV ARR, FFT, FFTA2, FFXII, Type-0 and FFXIII stuff. I mean, Lighting was on the packs, so yeah. I like my shiny Chibi Vayne card.


Not too many foils yet, but this one is my favorite so far.


Still doing card things. Got the starter sets for the MTG D&D Forgotten Realms and Strixhaven, too (because bear mage). 🐻 Still learning through Arena for now.


I finally popped open my first Final Fantasy TGC Starter pack. We sometimes complain about how SE charges a premium on old games and merch, but it's not entirely unwarranted here. The card quality is great.


I didn't know what to expect from Masters of the Universe: Revelations, but I'm here for Teela.


Management seems to get rather catty every time we get raises at the warehouse. Some of our best get nagged at - also myself - and it feels like provocation in hopes we take the bait. No wonder people went on vacation today and we're short-staffed.


Co-worker told me the 2nd covid shot put a microchip chip in me so the government can track me. I should have told him the cloud processing 5G added lets my brain stay logged into my Playstation and Siri, Cortana and Bixby are my BFFs now.


Want to upgrade my new Law's Order Zweihander, but there is server maintenance.


Also giving Mass Effect Andromeda a shot. Whatever other shortcomings it has, the combat is excellent.


Much of my weekend was Triple Triad. I want all the cards and the mount so I'll be sleeping in the Golden Saucer during the Make It Rain campaign for a few weeks, when I'm not battling NPCs for cards in the rest of Eorzea


Bank put a hold on my card because the Walmart site went nuts and wanted me to have three Nintendo Switch OLEDs. Got it resolved fast enough to get one. Now two shiner portable gaming things are in my future. Now if only Sony can get it together...


I hate that I'm reserving a Steam Deck out of spite for not being able to get a PS5, like, at all. But then, Steam has a system that makes more sense.


Steam Deck would mean I can take FFXIV to work. Dunno if that's a good idea.


Watching Underworld for the first time. Kind of a big lore dump of a movie, but also like a Resident Evil movie except good.


What FFXIV players can't unsee in the new Reaper job icon.


Well, I tried. Cyberpunk 2077 might be something I slowly poke away at, but I'm not going to sit here push through all all its jank, bugs and crashing when could be playing something that doesn't waste my time on PS4 Pro.


Been exploring the Chvrches albums. "How Not to Drown" is kinda stuck in my head. Lauren Mayberry and Robert Smith also make me think a "Manic Monday/Friday, I'm in Love" mash-up should happen. I love this Death Stranding single art, too.


Finished Mass Effect Legendary Edition. With all the DLC and revisions ME3 fares a bit better than it used to.


Found this little treasure tonight. If you ever saw the first 90's TMNT movie, this book is what the farm section of that movie was based on. While I'm not a huge TMNT fan, I'd rank it among the best, most genuine and heartfelt comics I've ever read.


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