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I have a Switch, PS4, functional PC, and a ton of other older consoles, yet more often than not find myself playing Picross on my phone instead of video games during downtime at home. Anyone else turning into an old man, like me?


And just like that, bars are closed. Fuck you, coronavirus. Also, WV fell -- all states and US territories are infected. And as a final aside, I think with Sony's presentation today, this gen will be my last for console gaming.


Congrats to West Virginia, the only remaining state with no reported cases (according to the CDC) of this dumbass virus. Who had them in their pool?


If you think it's cute to play videos at work of your horrible little hellspawn screeching, you're a jerk.


Contest: Welcome to a World of Horror, available now on Steam

In today's contest, we're giving away PC copies of World of Horror! I'm going to brag about this -- I wrote about World of Horror nearly two years ago, talking about how incredible and terrifying it looked. And look at me now! Here I am fea...


This post contains either free games, or piss.


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I have my own soundtrack now!!!


Thanks to my main man Alphadeus for writing me a beautiful tune!


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