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Occams is legit the most thoughtful and loving person I've ever met on the internet (whose name isn't Moyse or Andriessen). Consider yourselves lucky that this human (?) is not only part of your ranks, but someone on your side.


That new Evil Dead game promises looting and crafting in the press release. Also finding key artifacts. You can also play as the Evil and possess things. Pretty much Metal Gear Survive meets Friday the 13th: The Game. Gag me.


Can this just fucking end so I can give away Cyberpunk and a Johnny Silverhand statue already?


Ok, time for another question: Who here lives in Indiana? What can you tell me about living there? How is Indianapolis? Looking for places to live.


A little birdie tells me if you look at Dtoid's social channels tonight you'll see a FUN contest... Actually no, meant this morning whoops.


Contest: Win Atlas Rogues for PC, in Early Access now

In today's contest you can win an Early Access key to turn-based roguelite romp Atlas Rogues! When games hit Early Access, they need gamers like you to give them a shot -- not only to see how they run, but also to get some hype behind it to...


Contest: Win three months of beta access to Dual Universe

In today's contest you can win three months of beta access to Dual Universe! You know what sucks about our universe? Everything! With all the political bickering, rampant viruses, and overall sucktitude of this joint, wouldn't you like to j...


Contest: Win Sniper Elite 4 for Switch

In today's contest you can win a Switch copy of Sniper Elite 4! Switches be portin'! Or ports be Switchin'! One of those two. What I'm trying to say is the Switch gets a lot of cool ports, including today's faire: Sniper Elite 4. So, you kn...


Contest: Win Knight Club + for Steam

In today's contest you can win a Steam copy of Knight Club +! Let's hop straight into this one: Knight Club + hit Steam a few weeks ago, improving upon the original game with new mechanics, levels, characters, and balance changes. With grea...


Can anyone tell me about living in Minnesota or South Dakota? Looking at GTFO the desert.


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