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It's that time of the year again folks. where the fanboys come out, gear up with their keyboards and spellcheckers, and we all laugh at the ensuing chaos that is E3. But somethng else also happens at this magical time of year. No, not mo...


Something Something DOTA 2 GIVE AWAY YA SCRUBS

So two weeks ago I decided I needed DOTA . Not want, but NEED. I proceeded to show my need by following a complete stranger into a van after being promised candy, even though I asked if he had DOTA 2. The next two days are fuzzy BUT, I do...


Hi, I'm Thomas. And I have a large penis. . .

1. Thomas 408 up, 94 down The best boyfriend anyone could ask for. Many people fall in love with him on a daily bases, not many can resist his charm and humor. Someone who has a great personality. Not to mention he is an absolute god in be...


Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) The 3rd

Hey what do you know it's that time of the week again where I, the rejected son of platypus makes another attempt at writing a coherent bit of English and failing like Britney Spears at life. I actually managed to come up with more than thr...


Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) Part Deux

So hey what do ya know. People actually like that stinking turd roll of a post last time. So hell why not do another one, right? I mean it can only go down hill from here. So lets get this little cluster shit-storm underway shall we. As ...


Rubbish News (with crappy pictures)

So I had this bright idea (by bright i mean stupid. and by idea i mean brain fart), were i would put awesome (stupid) pictures that were related to gaming news. Hell I'm bored and if you're reading this you must be to. If this ends up annoy...


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