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So my Blues baby girl is in the top three for design a ad. We will find out what she placed here in a few. She just tried drawing this year


My mama just left. She came out to help me hang shelves and organize my sewing studio some. My mama is the best and I got some mega mama spoiling. Ahhh never too old for some mama lovins


My Aunt died last night from lung cancer. She had a horrible painful death. She smoked like a chimney from a teenager until Jan when she was told she was dying from lung cancer. Please don't smoke. It's a awful death.


Omg!!! This is a thing of beauty! Look at the detail in this embroidery. Ahhh!


Another test sew out for a new Star Wars shirt. I want a few different ones for my shop for May the 4th.


Guys! This fallout shirt is going to be bomb! This is just a test sew out for the back.


So beyond stressed these days! I've broke out the beer and I'm on the verge of a ugly break down.I hate being taken advantage of and I feel walked on for being a kind person.


I decided to try painting on a pair of plain canvas shoes. First time I've tried this but I think I'm a fan. Now to decide what to paint on the other shoe


Can I just once again express the utter pain in the ass it is raising two teenagers at once. I'm in hormone hell!!!


Finally on our way home from my parents house. As nice as their house is ...I'm home sick for my sweet little house. It's been a long two weeks. I'm ready for my normal routine again.


Have a great Easter weekend. Have a adorable picture of the baby Blues. In the comments


Getting ready to take mother in law to her first physical therapy after knee replacement. Think they will let me poke her in the knee if I ask real nice...lol only 2 more days of this for me. 2 more days.😬😬😬


If you see me on the news for beating my "helpless" mother in law. I swear I was provoked.. 😕


Happy 18th anniversary to my better half. The one who healed my broken heart. My missing piece. I love you, my Blues dude! More now than I did this day. 18 years has flown by. Here is to 18 more. Now get home and do something with your mom and brother!!


Fun is waiting for drugs at the pharmacy while my daughter keeps calling me to complain about her brother and uncle. Oy!!! Bring on the beer. This day has been long and it's only 3:22pm


Ohhh Mister @Luckrequired!!! I need your shipping info for your shirt. Please answer your email!!! OR ELSE!! YEP! You will get to go in the corner with Bass!! We don't want that now do we? @mikemartin!! Same goes for you! Wilfoftheblues@gmail.com


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