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I've realized I can't be creative and a good house wife at the same time. One or the other will suffer. Right now it's my house. Man! I need a maid... ugh! Off to clean. I'm too old for this shit.


Guys!!!! Check out this fabric! So cute right? Mr. Blues was all meh! When I showed him.


Next up this beautiful blue and Zelda fabric. Mr. Blues wants the next one so this will be his.


Tomorrw is the last day this will be up. Bump bump my lovely lady bumps! BUMPITY!!BUMP BUMP BUMPAROO Ok since we are on a babytoid role here. Let's kick off SrChurros project get ready for baby Info in comments -


Ok here is design 2 for my etsy shop. Still needs hemmed and buttons. But the boy child is very happy with it so far. Whatcha think?


Bump!SHOUT OUT!!! YOU GUYS!!! You all have given so generously to babytoid. We are sitting at 140.00 so far. It will be open until Sunday if you still would like to give. You guys are the BEST!


My poor cat. She puts up with so much from our daughter


I'm down to naming my etsy shop. So far I have three I'm thinking of. I'm open to more ideas * Home of the Blues Studio * Home of the Blues Boutique * Studio 2000 Creations


I'm done, these kids need to go to school. Dear God please have school tomorrow.


Any good serial killer documentaries on Netflix you can recommend? I LOVED reading Ann Rule Stranger Beside me. I also enjoyed Making a murderer on Netflix. I want some new stuff to binge on.


Ok guys, who wear button up shirts. Will you do me a favor. Look at the shirt and tell me which side the button holes are on.Left or right with you facing the shirt. I'm down to buttons on this one. Also are the holes Vertical like l Or horizontal like -


Ok guys here is design 1 of the shirts I will be putting in my etsy shop. I have to finish the buttons and hems but it is shaping up pretty good.


I'm almost through with season 5 of Wentworth. Man, it sucked me in. Season 6 comes out in june. This the Australian Orange is the New black.


So we're at the store for the super bowl grub and I want BEER. I usually stick with all American piss water. What are some good ones. I like the hoppy flavor and pale.


My best friend since I was three is in the hospital. He texts me letting me know what is going on. Then makes a joke to ease my mind. God I love this guy. I wish I wasn't so far away from my buddie.


Ok baby makers. I had our boy Inquisitive Ravenclaw draw this up for SrChurros' baby. Now I see we have a few Dtoid babies and I think they all need a onsie showing how much we love them. So I'm going to send each of our new babies a onesie.


My project Etsy shop is underway this weekend. I got these fun fabrics to start with. I'm going to get the fit of my pattern perfect by making shirts for my Blues boys. My son is super small and skinny and the a big teddy bear.


Ok friends, it's February so that means project baby Sr Churros is getting ready to start. I will start a post with the PayPal link Saturday and bump it during the day. Let's help the little fella get a great start.


I wanna see everyone's ink. Drop me some pics below.


#funfact. I was a asshole as a child. Look at the look my mom is giving my dad. I don't know what I was proclaiming,but it should have been "I'm going to to get my ass smacked!"


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