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So yesterday was my 43rd birthday and the entire day was a total shitshow. I've decided to just stay 42 another year and try it again next July 11th. That's how it works right?.....


my boss came up to me yesterday and asked me if I would do her a favor. She has this hideous gun rack from a charity event that she wanted me to bedazzle for her to give as a gag gift. Here I present to you my creation.. I call it Hillbilly Beautiful


Come guys! Help our brother out! Mikey is SO close to getting his meds. We need to keep him healthy so he can entertain us.


So work update.... I nailed my work performance bonus! Wooot!


My hats off to those of you who work 6 day weeks regularly. I've been pulling extra hours to get performance bonus and holy crap I'm tired. That money will be good when it hits though.This girl has GOALS!!!


So I edited my original post because nips are bad. SO here is #teasetuesday Mildly lewd pictures in the comments. If that bothers you keep on scrolling.


Happiness in a photo! Pride month toes, new birkenstocks and a blueberry Redds in the background.


Nothing like coming to work and playing with a big sweet doggie. Introducing Zoey the spa dog.


I'm SO STUPID TIRED after mother's day at the day spa. Holy crap! Also here is what I'd look like as a dude.


So I'm still sick. I'm finally off today and can get into the Dr, I had what started as a headcold then morphed into a wicked deep cough. I've had the best time ever holding my cough back during the foot massage while my body internally combusted.


Nothing like going to work with a head cold. Here's hoping I don't sneeze and snot all over my clients feet. #adulting


Sunday funday! I'm off to work enjoy these donuts while I'm gone.


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