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How much street cred will I get if I make Mr. Blues wear this in public?


All this cardboard talk made me think about the time I made our son a Lego man costume out of cardboard. He wanted to be a shiny knight Lego man that year.


Look guys I'm a mermaid!!! I legit pranced around the house and twirled. Hee hee I felt like a kid. As a added bonus here is my dirty mirror too.


So I told you guys I was sewing up a cute little dress. Well here it is on my body double Sally


So, I do a little paper crafting myself. Maybe, I'll dig this new cardboard nintendo thingie


My cousin's wife always teases me for looking like Stevie Nicks. Who is your look alike?


It's only fitting that Wes shares a birthday with the Great Betty White. Happy Birthday Tacos


A reminder for the cookbook. If you would like to share recipes please send em in to WILFoftheblues@gmail.com


Last night I was reading the blogs on here. You guys really can write. Which made me a bit jealous. I suck at spelling and grammar. I know that probably makes some of you guys twitchy and I apologize. I'm dyslexic.


Send those recipes to WILFoftheblues@gmail.com for our community cookbook


First of all, that kid is going to make it big someday. Second, I've donated my hair at least 5 times and have thought about doing it again after I reach my goal of knee length. Maybe, I will rethink that.


Ok friends! Here ya go. Email me the recipes at WILFoftheblues@gmail.com I'm going sort them into categories and make a pdf. Send as many as you want. Thanks!


I was thinking, we should make a cookbook. Everyone who has a favorite tried and true recipe could post it then I could sort them and make it a pdf to download. Whatcha think?


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