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Happiness in a photo! Pride month toes, new birkenstocks and a blueberry Redds in the background.


Nothing like coming to work and playing with a big sweet doggie. Introducing Zoey the spa dog.


I'm SO STUPID TIRED after mother's day at the day spa. Holy crap! Also here is what I'd look like as a dude.


So I'm still sick. I'm finally off today and can get into the Dr, I had what started as a headcold then morphed into a wicked deep cough. I've had the best time ever holding my cough back during the foot massage while my body internally combusted.


Nothing like going to work with a head cold. Here's hoping I don't sneeze and snot all over my clients feet. #adulting


Sunday funday! I'm off to work enjoy these donuts while I'm gone.


So the girl child got her braces off her teeth today and a week from today I will be the next one sporting a metal mouth. Adult braces should be a nice adventure.


So I worked all day today at the spa. I got festive and made the Pedicure water green for every client. No one even noticed. My festive efforts went unnoticed. #nolove #happygreenbeerday


I got new shoes for work last night and Blues got pissy over the cost of them, even though I brought enough home in tips alone to pay for them. He can be a shit head sometimes. So please throw stuff at him while I go to work.


As some of you may know. I'm a nail art nut. I just dreamed up a technique and damnit if it didn't work just like my mind said. Im so stupid excited.


So I completed my first week at the day spa. I loved it! I made awesome tips and the owners seem to really like me. I'm a happy lady now. Even Blues got his feet did. He loved it too.


Squee! Tomorrow I start full time. I took a client Saturday night because they had a schedule conflict and said I was good enough to not need training for it. It went really well. I'm so happy to be doing nails again. #worktoid


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