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Finally started The Mandalorian. I’m not a Star Wars guy, but I can see why this is popular. It seems like the Star Wars universe is better suited to a running series rather than a set of movies. I guess that’s why the EU existed?


Heh, "night soil". But why is it pink? These people have had nothing but cabbage to eat for at least a week.


Is Dishonored any good on PS4, or does it suffer without mouse and keyboard? I bought it on Steam years back, but my PC died before I got a chance to play it, and it could be a long time before I get a new one. It's $6 on PS4.


After seeing enough of these, I've decided that Phoenix Wright is the world's best argument simulator.


I recently started Dragon Quest Builders 2, and my early impression is that it improves on just about every aspect of the first game. Also, Malroth is best edgy boi, and watching villagers line up for meal/bath/dump is never not entertaining.


20 years later, I finally watched the original X-Men movie for the first time. Aside from a couple moments of special effects, it has actually aged pretty well.


Hamster apparently announced a LOT of upcoming games for the Arcade Archives line, including Mystic Warriors, Parodius Da, and Duck Hunt. Friendly reminder that in the arcade version of Duck Hunt, you actually CAN shoot the dog sometimes.


Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! I hope you’re still able to enjoy it despite all the 2020.


If you’re “expressing a dog’s anal glands”, just call it what it is. You’re juicing its butthole.


Finally got around to starting Celeste, finished chapter 3. Fun game, but I can already tell that I’m not going to be able to 100% this one. Kind of nice to get that out of the way early on.


I was all excited to go for that Mario Maker 2 coin until I actually tried the level. It represents the parts of Mario Maker that I can’t stand. Auto stages, item/enemy spam, and overuse of sound effects. Pass.


As we approach Thanksgiving, it’s important to remember that pecan pie is superior to pumpkin pie. #Factsgiving


Another Game Awards, another list of games I haven't played. I feel like I've gotten more basic in my game tastes over the last few years (being a Nintendad), but then the Game Awards hits and suddenly I feel like an absolute hipster.


I’m glad I replayed the original Wild Guns after it came to NSO, because Reloaded is basically Wild Guns on steroids. Tough, but good stuff!


I bought a Switch so I could play all the hottest new games!


Here’s a bit of good news to brighten your day.


Finally finished Luigi’s Mansion 3, all Boos and gems. Fun, but it’s a 15-20 hour game that somehow felt like 40.


Decided to break out the 3DS for the first time since about February. That thing is like comfort food at this point.


To reuse a joke I made nine months ago:


Finally found something from my reading list that my wife seems to enjoy. Discworld it is!


I refused to be beaten by Sunshine, even if it took me 18 years. That’s finally a wrap on 3-D All-Stars!


It's a few days late, but cute nonetheless.


Happy birthday to Mr. Moyse and Descruff! Y’all good people.


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