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And this is assuming I give up on finishing 4U or starting GU.


Working from home in 2020 be like


Anyone here ever eat a Milk-Bone? Asking for a friend.


First place in Slime Climb! It’s all downhill from here.


Need more Street Fighter V opponents between the randoms! I know you’re out there.


First my video games, and now my comic books?


Ugh, not only did Taco Bell seemingly neuter their menu AGAIN, but now the food tastes like they made it 3 days ago. How do you screw up cinnamon twists so badly?


Epee is great for folks who like to stab the floor and then try to convince the judge that it was the opponent’s foot #TeamFoil


I'm really tempted to watch the Dune trailer, but I was planning on reading it to my wife (starting tonight, even) and kind of want to go back into it without a refresher. It's been about ten years since the first time I read it.


With Quaranspring over and Bummer Summer nearly gone, it makes me wonder what Coronautumn and 20Winty will bring.


What does G-Fuel have to offer that coffee doesn’t? Besides diarrhea.


I didn’t get THPS Remake and maybe I never will, but it warms my heart to see so many people enjoying it. It definitely represents one of my favorite eras of gaming, or life for that matter.


So the general rule in Fall Guys is "screw over red team", right?


I really like Mario, you guys.


What has two thumbs and is buying a bunch of Mario games he already owns because he's an absolute sucker? THIS GUY!


Finally won a game of Fall Guys! Been a long time since a game actually caused me to get up and dance.


I’ve fallen off of fighting games the last few years. But with SFV on PS+ and the rough year the FGC has had, it’s time to get back out there and make it a better place, one positive interaction at a time. Come old friend, there’s work to be done.


Norm Spencer, the voice of Cyclops in the X-Men animated series (as well as Capcom's versus games), passed away yesterday. Rest in peace, and may your optic blast never be forgotten.


Finally tried Fall Guys tonight. It’s goofy fun, though I kinda hate how you spend so much time not in control of your character.


Happy birthday, Green Apartment Man!


I am way too early in Baba is You to already be this stumped by some of these puzzles.


Started Momodora IV. I can see why it has a reputation for being a bit difficult. The enemies hit like trucks and your character isn’t quite as mobile as I’d like. Though it seems to level out a bit as you progress, either due to skill or health it


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