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UK government: It's not a BUG it's a FEATURE.


Oops, a bit addicted to Red Dead 2. Didn't know I how much I needed a western sim, but here we are. Such an immersive world.


So apparently Resident Evil 8's PC issues are caused by DRM, and alledgedly the cracked version fixes it. I would have bought the game by now if it weren't for the performance problems. These big companies keep fucking up their games, it sucks.


Haha this account. WE, THE FANS™


Well I partially fixed Fallen Order's terrible stuttering, it's at least playable now. Still not a great game, so I installed a nude mod to keep it entertaining. I have renamed it Star Wars Jedi: Flopping dick.




New mug who dis


I looked at a nude mod on Nexus Mods and now suddenly have a huge increase in spam emails regarding "enlargement" and hot russian singles...


Started working again this week after 14 months. Past few days have given me a kicking mentally and physically, don't know how I'd function without videogames to take the edge off.


Delete me


Think I prefer this to the Dread suit. Not that it would make sense in the game, but the colours are more my thing.


I don't usually pre-order games these days but... Well, new Metroid is a big deal.


E3 thoughts: I'm glad a Metroid thing happened. While I wasn't that into it in terms of visuals, I'm sure it'll be good. I will probably spend 90 hours playing BOTW 2. I'd like to see more of STALKER 2.


Had my first vaccine dose yesterday. Was fully expecting heavy side effects but nope, just a sore arm. My body is being good to me for once.


Well, Wolfenstein New Colossus ended a bit abruptly. I was waiting for a huge boss fight that never came. Oh well, not sure I enjoyed it as much as New Order, but still a good time overall.


Well I have Windows 10 now, thankfully the free upgrade version was still available. So I guess I can play DX12 games now, but since there seems to be performance problems with RE8 I'll hold off until it's patched.


Done with Skyrim for now; my next timesink game is Red Dead 2. Started it a couple days ago and it's pretty much all I've been doing, I'm a sucker for the wild west.


Welp, seems like RE Village is the game that will make me upgrade to Windows 10, doesn't seem like I could play it otherwise. I hate change.


So I want to play Splinter Cell Blacklist again, but Ubisoft has forced their DRM onto the Steam version, which apparently causes connection issues. I also don't want to give them any money. Might be time to look into alternatives.


That's Chaos Theory finished. A lot of fun, fixes some jank from the previous Splinter Cells, but like them also goes downhill in a later mission where you're pretty much thrown into combat and it gets frustrating. Thank fuck for quicksaves.


When Redd sells me a dodgy painting


And that's Sekiro finished, took around 12 attempts to figure out that last boss. Such a great game.


Man, this last Sekiro boss is going to take some work. Eager to get it finshed, it's been a fun 80 hours but I got a lot of other games to play!


Welp, I've gone through and updated my 12 or so PS3 games that I might want to keep. Notably, Battlefield 3 is now unplayable online, since I can't download the online pass (not that I wanted to play), also can't re-download any DLC for the Batman games.


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