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Still no Metroid stuff in ACNH. I had loads in New Leaf. Sad times.


Played Hotline Miami again for the first time in about 8 years. Still a fun time, but man those boss fights are frustrating. Also this was the game (and the sequel) that helped me onto my current musical path, due to the brilliant soundtrack.


Why I like Porcupine Tree:


Continuing my jaunt through older Castlevania games and completed The Adventure: ReBirth. I can only seem to get through these pre-Symphony games with save states and an easy mode, too much frustration otherwise.


Finished Doom 2 today. Some levels in these 90s Dooms have strange design, I guess they were just being experimental? A lot of fun anyway, can see why they're classics.


That's Dread finished. Overall I really liked it, more than Samus Returns at least. The EMMI sections were a bit too frustrating to be fun. I really liked Samus's portrayal in this one, and how expressive she was.


Damn the Gravity Suit looks so good in Dread.


Ok I'm really getting into Dread now, got a suit upgrade and beat the big prisoner which felt good. Figured out I was pressing X at the wrong time when caught by an EMMI, so that's less frustrating when it happens.


Wasn't expecting a box this big. I hope it's good.


It is upgrade time. Going from 8 to 16 GB RAM, fancy new CPU and motherboard. Then it is Resident Evil 8 time.


Finished Primordia. Had a decent time with it. Had to use hints a few times (I'm bad at number sequences) but other times I felt smart figuring stuff out. Story was kinda interesting, but a bit dumb towards the end. Robotssss


That's Splinter Cell Blacklist finished (for the first time since the PS3 era). A pretty darn good stealth game, minus the bland characters and that pointless 1st person section. Shame Ubisoft seems to have given up on the series.


I miss Podtoid.


I've given up with Undertale for now. The combat got too frustrating, and it just isn't holding my interest. Started playing Primordia which is more my jam, not played a good point and click in a while.


#covertoid One of those songs I just don't get tired of hearing.


It got lost in the wash for a bit, but I am once again wearing us on my body.


Ok, I dislike bullet hell mechanics but Undertale has charmed me a bit. I enjoy the dogs. Currently in the snow town.


Started Undertale (thanks @RiffRaff). I don't really think this game is for me, but I'll give it a couple more hours and see where it goes. The music is nice at least.


UK government: It's not a BUG it's a FEATURE.


Oops, a bit addicted to Red Dead 2. Didn't know I how much I needed a western sim, but here we are. Such an immersive world.


So apparently Resident Evil 8's PC issues are caused by DRM, and alledgedly the cracked version fixes it. I would have bought the game by now if it weren't for the performance problems. These big companies keep fucking up their games, it sucks.


Haha this account. WE, THE FANS™


Well I partially fixed Fallen Order's terrible stuttering, it's at least playable now. Still not a great game, so I installed a nude mod to keep it entertaining. I have renamed it Star Wars Jedi: Flopping dick.




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