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Finished Horizon FW, so got these two next. Think I'll start with Demon's, though it's gonna be weird going from Elden Ring to this.


I took the plunge and got myself NMS last month for my birthday, and I've been sucked in pretty hard. 30 hours in and I'm having a great time hunting elements to fix up a random ship I found. Spaaaace etc.


Horizon FW is probably the most beautiful game I've played in a while. Vistas galore. Have posted some more pics in the screenshot thread in the forums.


@Alphadeus Listening to your Chill EP this morning. It is good stuff.




After around 20 solo attempts at Malenia, I gave in and summoned my mimic for help, and we eventually took her down. A pretty spectacular if frustrating fight, love her design. Might take another break from ER to get Horizon finished now though.


It's that time again when I watch a load of No Man's Sky videos and try to figure if I'd like it. Seems like a procedural Subnautica on a bigger scale and in space? Might give it a go after Elden Ring.


Discovered a cute God of War reference in Horizon FW. Sometimes it's worth trekking to the far reaches of the map.


Thought I'd take a longer break from Into the Breach to play other things, but I've been sucked back in. It's so good, I might even try it on hard mode?


Nearly 200 hours into Elden Ring, no signs of slowing yet, only just reached the mountains. Repeated enemy types are getting a bit tiresome. Have seen a few of your bloodstains around, here's one from an Evergaol. But who is it?!


Welp, I dropped Circle of the Moon after a few hours. Traversal sucks, it doesn't seem very well balanced and the rarity of healing items just made it frustrating. Having a much better time with Harmony of Dissonance; dashing really is a game-changer.


Hehe penis.


Stray was a nice time. Despite some frustration getting lost in the slums, and simplistic puzzles, it was charming enough to keep me playing. Meow meow meow.


Was idle for a few minutes on the title screen and looked up to see this... was a little creeped.


Pussy posse.


Finally, a week off work. Starting to resent the place more due to the transphobic attitudes surfacing lately from an increasing number of co-workers. People suck.


Wow... Glad I still have mine.


The patron saint living his best life.


Finished Shinsekai, was a lot longer than I expected for a cheap indie game and that's not a bad thing. Loved the atmosphere and exploration. Wonder if they'll ever do a PC version.


*Pleased gamer noises*


Well I have successfully whittled down my backlog to 0. So, I managed to get a PS5 ordered on Direct, looking forward to playing the only 3 games I want one for. Though I suppose I can retire/sell the PS4 as well.


Turns out Star Wars Squadrons is actually really good. Love the detail the put into the cockpits, flying feels great with a joystick. Some missions are bullshit, don't like being forced into slow ships, but it's easy to turn the difficulty down for those.


I honestly thought you three were the same person at one point and I don't know why.


This shirt still fits after... 15 years? Wow. Excited to see them tonight.


I am become Elden Tort.


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