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Tonight will be a debut of Fortune Roulette: Arcade Edition, in which it's a Fortune Cookie stream with LIMITED CONTINUES! We open up with Donut Dodo! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


I just finished the Fighting Game/DLC for 2023 blog. Before anything else, I need to check and make sure I didn't miss any upcoming fighting games and DLC coming out this year.


Brand new year, same VF5US sessions. It's time for the first Virtua Fighter Takeover stream of 2023! And yes: this year marks the 30th Anniversary of Virtua Fighter! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Batman is dead. Commissioner Gordon is dead. Gotham City in shambles. All hope is lost. It's time to go live with the first stream of 2023, Gotham Knights! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


We're going live with the Fighting Game Bizhawk Shuffler stream tonight! But first, there's a special announcement for an upcoming Virtua Fighter stream project I want to show off... https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


I should get ready to make a blog about upcoming fighting games in 2023, huh?


Today is the 8th Anniversary of my Twitch Journey. 2023 will also be the 30th Anniversary of Virtua Fighter. Let's celebrate with some VF Takeover tonight! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Not gonna lie... despite the flaws, I actually enjoyed Sonic Frontiers. Beat last night on stream and yes: on the Hard difficulty.


Welcome to Ouranos Island, an island that is not as confusing as Chaos Island (Thank God...). Let's see what we can do on tonight's session of Sonic Frontiers! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


We're ending the year with a Mystery Roulette stream for the first time in forever! Tonight's opening game is a sequel to one of the first games I played on my stream journey: River City Girls 2! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


I'm gonna be really honest here: Chaos Island was my least-favorite island in Sonic Frontiers.


Chaos Island is almost 100% mapped, but my god it is a chore because of how massive that island is. Let's get the rest done on tonight's session of Sonic Frontiers! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Wave 3 DLC of the Booster Course Pass came out last week and I haven't got a chance to check it out yet... until now. Let's play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tonight! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


NEC came and went, as well as the last Bi-Weekly of 2022. Let's talk about what happened over the weekend on tonight's session of Virtua Fighter Takeover! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Okay, not gonna lie: ProtonJon's rage in Mario Party DS is really sending me into uncontrollable laughter.


Looks like I'll be Co-Streaming The Game Awards tonight.


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