DeS: Smash Bros fan sends bomb threats to Nintendo NYC
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Mythbusters - Video Game Edition

Hello everyone, I'm here today to try a new format for the blog in the form of ripping the Mythbusters off, and examining the "myths" of gaming culture and business, of course we will be dealing with science here, that means there will be a...


The Double Fine Dilemma.

No doubt you've already heard of Double Fine's... Fiscal management problems, if not, here's a link to the recent article that inspired this post to start you out. Now I've been a backer of Double Fine's Kickstarter from the start, and I...


Where are all the female indie devs?

This little thought tangent was brought on by the whole hubbub created by the game "Dragon's Crown", many people are, shall we say, ashamed of how the game is hyper-sexualized. I responded in one of the blogs here on Destructoid that one o...


Is the Wii U a failure?

By now you've probably heard the news about Nintendo's sales projections, and how they've essentially failed, but did they really? Well, here's the thing, the answer is a bit of a yes and a bit of a no at the same time. See, the best way ...


Is there still an "excuse" to buy a console?

Maybe I'm just that much smarter or much more adept at computers than most people, but it has always mystified me how people say that it's too hard to build a gaming rig, some say it's too expensive... True, most of those people haven't to...


Japanese Girls Aren't Sexy

Now before anyone jumps on my throat about me being a sleazeball for discussing my sexual preferences on a gaming blog, this isn't about that (god knows I've received enough guff for a week). So let me start by introducing the catalyst for...


The C Word

Well, it wasn't long before I got to this; the one word that nobody wants to hear, the word that sends people gasping at its mere mention, gets people boiling faster than a volcano and sends droves of furious gamers to bashing on their keyb...


Calm. the Fuck. Down!!

Okay, this is gonna be a tough post to write, mostly because I'm worried it might start far too many arguments and I'll get stuck right in the middle, understand that I'm not trying to do that, I'm not making this post to hop on any bandwag...


Great Character Design? What's That!?

I love designing characters. I love everything that's involved in the act of brainstorming, creation, backstory writing and visual design of said characters. I love looking at other people's designs, analyzing them and picking them apart,...


Kill the Dragons, Rally the Gods!

I've read this article on the main site by Ryan Perez (and please, no kerfuffles about what transpired recently, neither the time nor place) about how he's sick of the typical western fantasy setting, and to be honest? I kinda agree, so bei...


Let Me Tell You About: Wild Arms 2

The Wild Arms series, in general, is one series that I can easily call as one of the most under-rated RPG series out there, second to none bar the Ys series, and even these days the Ys series has taken a boost of popularity (deservedly so, ...


Endings: The Recursive Ending

In any form of media, there are bad endings, good endings, endings that make you want to chuck the controller into the television, endings that make nod and tell yourself that yup, it was worth it. As I recall, there is only one ending tha...


Katawa Shoujo's choices are better than Mass Effect's.

This is my first blog post, so you might think I'm simply going for simple shock factor in choosing the title for it. You would have guessed correctly, but that's not the gist of it; there's more. Now, I'm going to safely assume that most...


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