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Sekiro is bringing me back to a time when I was still new to Dark Souls. The challenges are kicking my ass but overcoming them feels so rewarding. I killed Lady Butterfly at long last and yelled out audibly in my victory, but also felt like:


Sekiro is hard as balls. That is my update on my gaming today.


Current status: Hoping Sekiro on Steam launches at midnight so I can get a sneaky hour in before bed and wake up semi tired for work tomorrow only to just want to come home and play more.


Overall I'm happy with many of the announcements tonight. I have alot put on my radar for this year. Namely Zelda, Astral Chains and Marvel Ultimate 3 on top of the other stuff previously announced I'm interested in.


Just beat Claire 2nd run, havuing fun and taking my time. This game has been an amazing ride. But now it's time to stop the story and get some good scores :)


My somewhat yearly Gunpla kit allowance has arrived. Does Torchman approve?


So random thought occured with Kingdom Hearts 3, with how utterly confusing the plot is even for those that have played through every entry. I am left wondering how friendly KH3 will be to newcommers hmmm


Playing Resident Evil 2 on Hardcore mode despite being aimed to replicate the original experience is actually very difficult by comparison. I have been having a blast getting stuck though


Resident Evil 2 remake is fantastic so far. Good job Capcom


The new map in Ion Maiden is pretty great, it's a definite challenge and I'm reminded how large the maps in this game actually are. I think another playthrough is in order soon to find the hidden secrets


While 2019 is starting with many heavy hitters such as Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 which we all expect to be amazing. My most anticipated game of 2019 is still Ion Maiden.


I come from the year 2019 with an urgent message to the US in 2018. Skynet has taken over, you must.... (Happy new year from the UK)


So this weekend instead of adding more hours to my Ion Maiden demo, I decided to reinstall Duke, Shadow Warrior and Blood in anticipation for Ion Maiden which will probably end up with me adding more hours to my Ion Maiden demo anyway.


This is a real thing I discovered today.


RIP Stan Lee. The comic book industry won't be the same without you


Holy shit I want this, but I can never afford it.


I just want to take a moment to say how great Dragon Quest 11 is. I'm still playing through it but I am having a blast. It lives up to all of my expectations from this series nicely.


I have an internal struggle, I want to pick up Diablo 3 on Switch next month as I have not played it before and I can play split screen with my brother. But I see the PC version is pretty cheap now and it is more likely the better version. What do?


This was a great E3 for me this year, I have so much to look forward too. In particular Cyberpunk 2077 and Resident Evil 2 remake (This game defined my early teens back on PS1).


E3 starts today. My prediction for EA's conference is they will introduce a lootbox the audiance needs to buy and once opened will reveal 1 random game that they will show a trailer for. Fifa and Madden have a 90% of dropping.


Ion Maiden has become my favorite thing since Breath of the Wild. I wanna share some of the secrets and easter eggs I have found but I'll keep them as replies to this post for people that don't want the potential spoilers.


Have now completed the Ion Maiden early access campaign. Can't wait to see the thousands of graphics the full version promises. Also gonna probably play it again in a bit.


Dark Souls remastered has been the best news I heard all day. The original game has my favorite world but boy does it need an update.


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