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Turnip prices in my town are 557 for the next 1hour and 20 minutes. Anyone who wans that price I'll leave my gate open for that time while on afk. I fucked up by selling them yesterday lol. - 7GR9V


Got a new villager named Static the other day and now I think I finally know what it means to have a favorite villager


I have just beaten RE3 Remake. It wasn't bad, I enjoyed it well enough. First hour or so starts off on a really strong note. But slowly devolves and ends in a very dull and terrible final area unfortunately. Also Resi Resistance is just crap.


I have decided I'm going to stop discarding my spare bunny day DIY recipes and offer them here for anyone missing them. Going today is a Bunny Day Stool which I imagine alot of folk have but the offer is there.


Oh hey The Resident Evil Resistance Beta is out, along with the full thing.


I have opened my gates once to you all once more 6GD9R


Happy birthday you pixalated boo er I mean GoofierBrute :)


I have the artistic sensibilities of a blind goldfish but I did my best lol.


My island gates are open while I chill out. Dodo code is FSQBY EDIT: Don't suppose anyone could hook me up with either oranges or peaches? I still got pears up for grabs


My Switch friend code if anyone is up for hanging out in Animal Crossing a bit later. SW-0363-6388-3999


Sorry guys, connection died while I was afk. New dodo code: C0K4J


I am free for the evening now so got more time. Going to open the gates if you want to come hang out and steal my pears again :) Dodo code: 1WRCC


Going to open the floodgates for an hour, come chill on my island in AC. I don't have much but feel free to take some pears home if you don't have that fruit. Dodo code: JXM67


Question for those picking up both DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing in a fortnight. Which one are you going to play first?


I found this and it is great. That is all.


ESRB rating for Animal Crossing New Horizons mentions in game purchases. I am concerned.


So in a statement from Nintendo Japan they are now "considering" cloud saves for Animal Crossing. I also found out today that Animal Crossing won't support save data transfer between systems. It has been a real Nook giveth, nook taketh away kind of day.


Hah suck it Blizzard (yes my PC has a disk drive)


I have over 2000 Gold points on the eshop saved over the last year to spend. Any suggestions guys?


Just discovered from the lucky people previewing it that DOOM Eternal is going to have a hub world aptly named the Fortress of DOOM. That is some cheese I can get behind


Happy birthday Wes and Panda. Hope you have a good one


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