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Me before working: Look at all these amazing new games I can't buy. FML Me after working: Look at all these amazing new games I don't have time to play. FML Haven't even played Nier Automata yet...


Well work sucked. I couldn't even take a break and my supervisor is the worst. Time to give out some Steam keys! Will post some in the comments.


Catgirl Friday? Better leave this here as a friendly reminder.


Trying to keep my hype for Breath of the Wild contained and failing miserably at it. Didn't watch too much of the stream either. It seems like a game much better suited for experiencing firsthand than watching.


Being a Capcom kid growing up I never really had a chance to really appreciate just how amazing the KoF soundtracks can be. Case and point:


You know, I think I can really get behind Miitomo.


After looking at the trailers I'm finally feeling the hype for Final Fantasy XV. Now all I have to do is wait another six months before I can actually play it...


I'd give my left testicle for a Bushido Blade remake.


Finally saw BvS and I honestly didn't hate it as much as I thought I would. But goddamn was it pretentious. Heaven forbid a superhero movie be any fun for anyone. The whole god subtext was so ham-fisted it was almost cringe worthy.


Playing Transformers Devastation and it's amazing. Grimlock is objectively the best tho. He saved the universe by himself. Don't see Optimus doing that.


The superhero fan in me wants to see BvS but every other part of me knows just how stupid the superhero fan in me is... I think I'll just wait for Civil War.


Might as well introduce myself while I'm at it. Hey everyone, friendly neighborhood lurker Vagabond here! I don't post much but I've been around for about a year now. I've seen some things... Well, nice to meet you guys!


Just found out what the Konami code does. Well played Destructoid, well played. You've earned yourself a guaranteed reader for life.


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Other than my crippling addiction lurking I've been a console gamer most of my life. Started with the Snes and Gameboy. Games like Pokemon, Donkey Kong Country, and Super Mario World shaped my childhood. I do have a fondness for more obscure titles and for some reason I love finding out about older titles I never heard about and might have missed out on growing up. Currently gaming on PC now but I'm still new to the whole PC gaming scene.

I watch anime from time to time but not with any real consistency. My favorite is probably Gurren Lagann. It never fails to get me hype.

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