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TFW you sell something on eBay for waay more than you expected, and you know that mother fucker's never going to pay.


Just remembered this shit.


I don't think there's any single episode of a TV series that's fucked with my head and that I think about as often as I think about the Testicular Torsion episode of Venture Bros.


Also, memory foam pillows ain't shit. Mine's fucking my neck in the night, knotting it beyond belief. Unrolled, it inflated to a fucking foot thick, and when I set my head on it there's NO GIVE! It promises it's what's best, but I'm suffering! DYING!!!!!


If you all see any just unbelievable, "is this seller huffing paint thinner and feeding his children lice?" type crazy deals on PRINTERS in the next few upcoming days please post hot links in this space. I am officially in the market.


Everybody listen up--I have decided!!!!! I have weighed all my options, and yes! I do in fact very much want to see the stupid-looking Resident Evil movie. Thank you for your patience while I deliberated. I believe I made the right decision.


I love leaving feedback.


Good morning, America. I hope you're ready to feel the squirty hot sensation of my latest drip all over your eyeballs. #selfietoid


Y'all got some really fucked up feelings about soup on this site, and I don't stand by them.


Exorcist II was something else. Liked it a lot more than I thought I would. The last movie is in 3D, and since I can't see 3D, I might actually cut out early.


Between Leviathan and Arrebato, two I weren't into, but I'll be damned if they're not shooting them off rapid fire this year. I barely got time to piss between movies!


Alone in the Dark was nuts!


Second movie was Blood Diner! Wild crazy and cool!


You might not be able to tell from my terrible picture, but first up was REC! Thrilling as always, and apparently this was the first time it was shown in a US theater. Cool!




Heading out tonight. Got my drip ready.


Saw Lamb tonight. It's all right. Didn't knock my ass apart but I enjoyed it.


What the fuck


Is it all right to start a go fund me because you really want a pair of sneakers?


The site is trying to tell us something, and I'm afraid we'll never be able to leave.


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