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Ain't nothing spookier than a motherfucker rising from the grave with nothing but vengeance on his mind.


That Kyle Yadlosky guy is a fucking cuck.


"Because we're a Miller Lite family."


Food for thought: Ninjas suck.


On the elevator ride to B1, one person said, "You're going to B1, but I already am one!" to which everyone left the elevator laughing, except for your hero, who was hanging from the ceiling by a noose wound out of his own underwear.


I would just to like to remind everyone that I shit on Wes out of pure hatred. I do not support D-Volt or any campaigns by any individuals to become a fapping superpower. I believe that every follower and every fap earned from it ought to be earned.


Looked in the mirror today, noticed I wasn't Wes, decided not to kill myself. #selfietoid


Wes is single handedly responsible for breaking the clasp on my awesome dragon watch, so now I can't wear it, anymore :(


I'm proud to say that I've earned all my followers through my blogs, Qposts, and general personality, and not through begging and campaigning like a little baby bitch--like someone I know. #blessedtoid


Wes is, like, a dumb guy.


Wes campaigned (begged) on a platform of lies. He's not "all or nothing" as he proclaimed, nor will he ever use all his faps. You've empowered a despot, folks. I'm truly disappointed with your decisions and afraid for the future of Destructoidocracy.


I forgot I still had a bunch of these.


Not to be controversial but...


If you guys never read Roamin' Dad, I feel you've wasted the entirety of your lives. http://www.somethingawful.com/news/roamin-dad-71/


Guys, help. I'm not hip enough to understand what this hot new meme is supposed to be.


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