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I'm building a cerberus.


Agent 47 has a new tactic, and no one is safe.


Political cartooning is the fine art of taking a salient point and turning it into the stupidest fucking shit the human mind can imagine.


Second covid shot got me feeling like I've been kicked around the block since last night.


Happy birthday to the boys! Get a doll and go down!


I like this, so I'm going to steal it and pretend I said it.


My lock screen. Cool static warpatude.


#notmy420 Be like PUNK LEGEND Glen Danzig. Don't do the pot, don't eat the sexy K9s, and do not glug glug your own nut butter! (other people's cum is still cool)


I also love the meme trend of fake screenshots of movies where characters say the title. I have no idea why, but it cracks me the hell up every single time. (Bunch more in the comments)


This is a very important song, and not enough people are talking about it.


The lady and I dipping our balls in The Initiative tonight.




Sidescrollapalooza game #5 dusted! HALLOWEEN FOREVER. It's a fun and cute NES throwback. Has plenty of unlockable characters to check out and a secret ending. It's very cool, and if you bought that racial equality bundle, then you already own it!


Sidescrollapalooza game #4 beaten like a little baby bitch! Hollow Knight? More like Hollow SHITE! Yeah, I played a game where I'm short and can jump real good. It's called MARIO. What a fucking rip off. Kickstarter game? More like Turdflusher SHAME!




#selfietoid of me booted up and ready to head out and get my first liberal dose of adrenochrome!


I bought the orangest boots on earth.


When you fap, don't you wonder where those faps come from? Where do they go? Who's collecting them and for what purpose? Is the Council behind it? Follow the cock of the walk when the cows come home to roost, and you'll have your answer...


The Council is not what you think it is. Their influence runs deeper than you think... even deeper than my cock-gobbling throat.


Oh my god, stop asking me questions like this. I don't fucking know, okay?


Sidescrollapalooza game #3 vanquished!!! It was Gato Roboto. I heard it was short but damn! It was still fun and cute and helped me get through a night of nonstop thunder, lightning, and panic inducing weather alerts.


Game #2 of Sidescrollapalooza massacred: KATANA ZERO! Really liked it. Cool combat, interesting story. Wish there were more boss fights, because those fucking ruled. Won't feel like a whole game without a sequel, though.


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