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Checked out the Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid gameplay stream, and I come bearing good news: it's an uglier Skullgirls. Tag game made by FGC members with modern sensibilities. One-button specials and short autocombos, but demands execution.


The Daemon X Machina demo is leaving the eShop on March 11th, 2019. Download it while you still can! Even if you don't like it, you can tell the devs why!


If I get Sekiro on Steam, I won't have to go pick up a hypothetical PS4 pre-order. Now, the money question: is the Steam version a safe pre-order? It's always a toss-up when PC ports are concerned, especially Japanese ones.


Listening to my brother react to the distilled kino that is Digimon Cyber Sleuth was worth the price of admission. Case in point? This is not a Digimon.


Yes or no answer: without looking it up, do you know what "treacherous, rocky scree" means? Asking for a friend.


Gentlemen, it has come to this: when you play a game, do you prefer defense or offense?


I frequently think about this, so I'm gonna' make this post exactly once, and never again: I feel I have little to contribute to Qtoid besides game thoughts and updates, as I don't have much going on in my life. I should write more articles. Thank you.


Last night, I dreamed that I got to play Devil May Cry 5 as V and Dante. Awesome. Switching to Gunslinger really does automatically charge your guns (real), and you grapple to an enemy when you switch to Swordmaster (fake). Pre-ordered today.


Just beat Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for the first time (and its randomizer)! Sublime. Even without Castlevania experience, I can see why this is some folks' fave. Only things I'd change are making Black Panther, Skula, and Undine ability souls.


Pondering design issues inherent to the fighting game genre and suggesting solutions. Could a specially-designed singleplayer break the execution barrier? Are combo breakers good "little victories" that cushion a loss and keep things fun? More below.


I got through the AGDQ FFIX run, and I don't think the Switch port could have come at a better time. I've been hearin' people preach it for years, but only now do I see: that game's got charm, music, writing, and FRANK DISCUSSIONS OF DEATH.


So, to sum up what we know of Astral Chain: Warframe Stands. Platinum Games. Bladewolf? I-I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying! WAIT, WHAT WAS THAT AT THE END?!


Sweet rave parties, Batman! I've been looking for this remix since ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!


"Devil May Cry is BACK!!", indeed. Feels like the best in the series. Been playing so much KH that I had to get used to X being "jump" again. Mistook the self-destruct button for the Exceed button more than a few times. May play demo again. Hyped.


Sorry for the raw anxiety post earlier. I require the odinsleep.


Devil May Cry V PS4 and Xbone demo out now in Europe, out for the rest tomorrow. Has a shop and one more Devil Arm than the last demo. You get 30,000 Red Orbs in the full game if you have a save. 8 GB? Enjoy, and stay safe out there.


Beat Kingdom Hearts 3 in a week and a day! Fastest I've ever finished a game! Was a good time. I have so many thoughts that I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll just say this: great game, mediocre writing, easiest in the series, PIRATE/TOY HYPE.


Analyzing and providing suggestions for a Facebook Candy Crush clone as part of a job application. Please, send me your energy.


I'm past Kingdom Hearts 3's Disney worlds. The final battle is in sight. The pieces are on the table. The bosses are demanding skill. The nonsense is building. Finally, I'm here. ………And something's already made me laugh out loud, which I never do.


The Toy Story world may never be topped, but a pirate always gets his cut; the KH3 Pirates of the Caribbean world is probably the second best world in Kingdom Hearts. Passion, ambition, and charm oozes from it. So does Captain Jack Sparrow.


What I don't much care for is Kingdom Hearts OCs butting into Disney worlds and rambling incoherently about hearts and darkness, again. What I care for a LOT is nearby Disney characters mercilessly clowning on them, just making UTTER fools out of them.




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