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Well, saw the RWBY Volume 5 Premiere. It was decent enough. We had to sit through half of V4 episodes to see it though, so that was okay. Overall, it was for us to both riff on, but I probably wouldn't pay for something like that again.


Yikes. I made a mistake in that 'Games as a Service' article by trying to talk about these things through the perspective of people who look at the industry professionally, and I guess that means I'm a shill who loves terrible practices? Someone help


My friend (who likes RWBY a lot more than I do) and I are going to a theatrical showing of the Volume 5 premiere tonight. I also just found out that FMF's Volume 4 Review came out yesterday. I'm gonna have a fun cynical time tonight.


Steamworld Dig 2 100%'d, time to start going back and finish up Mario + Rabbids and Zelda best I can before FE and Mario. That means I have to ignore Stardew Valley for now. It's hard.


So, did anyone else here actually like Xenoblade Chronicles X? Because I get the feeling some people feel very strongly against it. I feel it suffered from some poor design choices, especially around the story, but loved the world, combat, and quests.


The amount of indies on Switch is actually starting to get overwhelming. There are a bunch I want to get and support the devs, but there's just so many! Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Stardew Valley, Axiom Verge, Oxenfree and more are all this week.


Glad to see all the people managing to grab SNES Classics! Mine arrived back at home since I couldn't change the address to my school, but I'm just happy it got there safely. Seems supply has proven itself, so everyone else good luck with the restocks!


Good news for those still worried about the SNES classic: reports of individual store allotments have started appearing for Best Buy and Target, and the numbers look really good! To everyone hunting one down this Friday, you can do it!


A day late, but at I have a 3DS with a functional Y button now, especially since I've learned it's necessary for Metroid... RIP Wallet.


As a heads up, the Samus Returns CE and the amiibo dual pack are up on Best Buy! I went ahead and ordered myself them at a closer store, so I should be able to snag all but the N3DS soon!


When you realize you decided to do in store pick-ups for the Metroid CE, amiibo, and New 3DS XL but you're an hours train ride away with pretty booked weekend.


As a heads up, the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 controller is live on GameStop, as long as with a bunch of other things from the direct. The nonsense on the pro-controller is so me I couldn't not pick it up.


Well, I was finally able to get myself a proper PC for my birthday! After running Overwatch on low settings everything looks sooooo pretty


I can't quite remember if I already knew, but discovering my birthday falls on Video Game Day is a welcome suprise!


"Destiny 2 PC: October 24. Super Mario Odyssey: October 27." Welp.


The reactions to the Dean Takahashi Cuphead "controversy" pisses me off. Context is important, and he did need it, but the degree to which people attacked him for it without even bothering to see look for any details is disgusting. Always two steps back.


Apparently an XBox One S bundle was up on Amazon for free for a few minutes, and went down just as I got home. Damn.


Have fun with Destiny guys! I'll be joining you in... a month and a half? Actually? Well that's a bit of bullshit.


Nicalis is really going all out on the Switch. Looks like VVVVVV, further confirmation of 1001 Spikes and, ooh, Code of Princess? That's nice. But what are those other ones? Is... is it just me or does one like Mega Man Zero?


I prefer to play my Switch in docked mode when I can, but I actually perform much better in Splatoon 2 when in handheld mode. Might be the smaller screen?


Prediction: Team Flight is gonna win. I don't know how many more "1st place on the losing team" screens I'll get before the night is over, but I'm sure it'll be more than the number of competent teammates I get. I'm salty af right now.


Yeah, I'll roll woth these for now. It's tough picking favorites though, and having Aggron as a Rock type feels like cheating.


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