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Love to see so many people loving Xenoblade for the first time. I got a few friends into it and they all seem so surprised that they're enjoying it as much as they are.


Man.... I could stay on this title screen for hours.


Sat waiting at Best Buy for two hours for them to "unload the truck" with my Xenoblade ordwr before going home. Pain.


This feels like it's a tad against the grain, but it's gotten to the point where the violence in that TLOU2 gameplay was too uncomfortable-- which I get to an extent is the point-- but I just don't think I'd feel good actually playing it?


The Summer of Gaming schedule is out and.... man I just really miss E3...


Tons and tons of XCDE preview footage out and about! If you're new to the game steer clear of the full Future Connected opening cutscene, as it apparently outright spoils the ending of the base game. Also, it all looks incredible my god


New Pineapple Riki reminds you to purchase Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch video game system on May 29, 2020.


Love that FF7R softlocked with my autosave being before all of extra battles, great stuff


Damn the new Fire Emblem Crossover event looks rad. The music is hype, and I definitely need Chrom. I'm so excited for this!


I've been kicked off-campus after being told I wouldn't have to be, saying goodbye to my on-campus job, and now who knows if the world will stay operation until friday. Please... I just need to get to Animal Crossing...


Glad to see everyone converting over FFVIIR. About time haha, once they revealed how combat looked ag E3 I was completely sold.


Pax thoughts: Animal Crossing and FF7 demo both amazing. Keeping quite busy, need to dig in to more indies/AA games and get me the exclusive AC shirts tomorrow. Gave thay BotW clone a try-- clone is too generous a term, holy shit


Day 1 and PAX is already complete for me! But in all seriousness I got ghosted by Isabelle (person in front of me gor the last photo with her), blocked by Kamiya, and am waiting to see the Baldur's Gate 3 reveal live!


"I was also really really looking for to TLoU2, cmon Sony"


After a small hiatis due to just hecticness followed by sickness, Ring Fit Adventure is finally complete! ...Well the main story at least. Feeling healthier than I have in a long time, not gonna stop now!


Oh phewwwww, FFVII is still going to be at Pax East. Got nervous there for a bit.


How peculiar that ***53*** hours after the caucus ends that the results that trivialize the gap between Bernie and Buttigieg are revealed with 4% yet to be... probably just a coincidence though :)


Getting ports/remasters of two of my favorite games potentially both coming out this year is an incredible feeling... Oh and FF7 I guess, but that's not a known quantity.


Hahahaha, what a fucking joke


I get that people are excited about Cyberpunk, but damn if this isn't the most exciting game to be coming out this year. Sooo excited for it.


Helll yeahhhh, this collab is great so far, so much attention to detail! And my luck was off the charts, already summoned Fatalis and both collab units. With how good Fatalis is, maybe I should go for some more...


Hell yeah, now this is a Collab!


Me: "Huh, guess TMS on hard isn't really that bad..." Cue montage reel of me wiping on the 3rd boss 4 times in a row


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