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well, it was bound to happen somewhere, 20fps or less in Altissia in FFXV.


Important info for FFXV, the boys pun game is staggering, both amazing and groan inducing


In Pokemon sun/moon you can lay in people beds, and it gives you a message. I have made it my goal to sleep in every bed on the 4 islands, and creep the hell out of their inhabitants.


You know, in two days a game called Tyranny is coming out, about if the big evil villain in an RPG actually won.


I've discovered steam skins, now I too can be true weeb trash!


Just left the first island in dragon Quest builders, and there's a Dick joke. I'm loving it.


The wait is killing me.


Today on weird shit I've seen while at work, two children walking around on their hands, and a man with a parrot on his shoulder.


I just spent the better part of an hour cleaning my cats litter box and the floor around it. I need a shower.


I've been playing EDF 4.1 all morning, and all I have to say is "Go back home to space! EDF EDF!!"


a free copy of civilization V (Steam) for whomever wants it EHLEC-R3JZJ-RR7Q9


So the theme park where I work held a "lure-a-thon" today, from 10am to 1 pm they activated 40 lure modules, to see if admission would go up at all. Expected admission was 24,000 , total for today was 36,000.


yesterday there were a couple of firetrucks and an ambulance near my house, turns out two idiots walked over a nearby cliff while using pokemon go. both survived with minor injuries.


Been awhile since I saw pokemon on the news, local station did a story on the new one. Reminded me of this.


For villaintoid I present AM from "I Have No Mouth and i must Scream" cruel to the point that he makes his victims immortal, so that they may suffer for all eternity. Also has a kickass monologue.


So my coworkers and I discovered an amazing song. Listen to Space Rider by Spacerider #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/timipapp/space-rider


Just started Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, I thinknow I'm gonna like it.


and so yet another Steam Summer Sale begins, causing millions of debit and credits cards to wail at once, and suddenly go silent


So there was a 5.2 earthquake around 1 in the morning today that I apparently slept through. My cat, however, did not and has spent the last 5 hours or so shivering on my chest with claws out.


An Accurate recreation of kojimas last day at Konami.


So Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus came out today on PC, and it runs at 30 fps on my integrated graphics card and a silky smooth 60 on my dedicated, BOOBIES AWAY!


so this is a thing apparently


The AT&T shit show continues, as the technician was here, halfway through hooking everything up, and then his work order was cancelled and transferred to another tech. And that second tech is now 2 hours late. Cox (or timewarner) here we come.


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