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It's clear that the parent company does not care. About staff or the audience. This must be a quick buck to them. This is not a good reading experience. I have a foldable phone and hardly have any screen real estate to read Zoey's (great) article.


I've been around Destructoid since at least 2008. I've loved this place to death through many changes. But what they did to Chris is fucked up and I just can't anymore. Gonna pour one out for Chris. I'll miss y'all. Onto the next place or I'll STFUAJPG


This tweet was deleted in less than 30 minutes after Wario64 retweeted it. No physical discs for their big game of the year is kinda embarrassing, if you ask me.


Who wants a free code for Witcher Thronebreaker on Steam? Perfect for any gamer that thought Gwent was swell


Anyone want a Steam key for Death Loop? It's in this month's Humble Bundle, but I already have it. First come, first serve in the comments


I never go for 100% achievements. I've previously only done that for Bloodborne (the GOAT) and Blood Wash (short and sweet). But Stray completely captured my attention and I did everything. It's the first time I speedran a full game. Cat tax attached.


I have an Origin code for Star Wars Squadrons and a Steam gift link for Siege Survival from this month's humble bundle in the comments. I already have Squadrons on Steam and Siege Survival doesn't interest me. Have at it!


Most maidenless shit I've ever seen


Finally got the email I've been waiting for! Can't wait to tinker and maybe occasionally stfuajpg!


Apparently the latest Elden Ring patch gave a certain infamous boss a huge buff in what is probably a bug. With attacks restoring health even when they miss.


Malenia was getting me mildly annoyed, so I redid my Elden Ring build. I went back in and absolutely destroyed her, but the game didn't want me to have this:


I still think about that intro to Link to the Past from time to time


Kingdom Hearts 4 leak, avert thine eyes for spoilers:


Finished Elden Ring after 118 hours of me taking my sweet time and enjoying the hell out of it. Now I'm listening to the OST and am just noticing a very subtle game of thrones reference nearly 3 minutes into the end theme. idk, thought it was neat


Oh Gods.... There are illusory walls in Elden Ring that take tons of hits to open


Just got Strangers of Paradise in the mail. If there isn't an exchange where Jack says, "You don't know me" and one of his party members says, "Yeah, you don't know Jack!" I will be really disappointed.


Just beat him a bit ago, what an experience


Fantastic games and I wish them the best. That said, I had to enforce my trademark. I thank them for complying:


Haven't posted in a while, here's what happens when you open the Xbox Series F #Caturday


Is it narcissism to listen to your own theme song?


So I work in a school, incidentally I'm also in charge of attendance. If I wasn't already nervous about getting sick, try seeing the absences rise 400% your normal. I need a distraction. Who wants to do this?


Your mileage may vary, but check Best Buy asap if you want a Series X. It's local pickup and I managed to get one somehow even though I thought I was late


Anyone out there still not have The Walking Dead? Got this code free from GMG


When you want to be playing Final Fantasy XIV and Halo Infinite, but you have two performances of the Nutcracker today:


I'm not near as far into the story as I would be because of queues and holiday business 😭


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