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That feel when you clothesline smash your opponent for the fifteenth time to win


I still miss the forums


I really like Zangi--er, Inciniroar. So simple. So dangerous.


I would like to point out that the port of Monster Hunter Stories on Android is absolutely fantastic, and easily the definitive edition in my opinion. It looks so much better, and controls well. Free demo, just like the 3DS version too.


While my memory may be terrible and I've played lots of games this year, if Kingdom Come: Deliverance keeps it up, it might be my GOTY. Damn, that's a good looking game. Not too much jank either. Glad I waited to get a nice deal for it on PC


I'm shocked & appalled that I play Dragon Ball FighterZ a hundred times better on my Switches dpad than with my fight stick. I did three matches against the same person. Got beat bad the first time with my fight stick, and no problem the next 2 on dpad...


Not gonna lie, I got startled when my car in Forza Horizon 4 called me out by name. The game runs great on PC. Looks so good too.


Not far into Lost Odyssey, but it's been beautiful so far. And the dream segments, essentially short stories, are fairly well written. Just got through the story of the little girl who's a compulsive liar. It was a great contemporary "cry wolf" tale


Attempted the For a Horizon 4 demo on Xone, but was shocked at how stuttery it was. It was like trying to playa game on ultra, but only having the specs for High. I guess I'll stick to Assetto Corsa on PC.


Hard to get excited about this "Switch Online Now Available!" email when the primary feature was something I already enjoyed, and now am getting held ransom. Good pricing, but their advertising just makes this funny.Can only be so happy about Ice Climbers


First day with an Xbox anything impression: UI! WHY YOU SO SLOW? Oh, and is there any way to use my phone as a keyboard? The PlayStation app had that option, but I'm not seeing that on the Xbox app. Then again, this UI is taking some getting used to.


Gonna finally be gettingan Xbox One, despite have the other consoles. Game pass and backwards compatibility was what enticed me. Already ordered Lost Odyssey and Crimson Skies. Any other musts?


So apparently if you preorder Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch, you also get Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden, which is a SNES fighting game. Really interesting


My Shenmue I & II impressions: You can still open all the drawers 10/10, still haven't opened all the drawers.


Hadn't made any orders on Amazon recently, so an email about a shipment was startling. I completely forgot that Shenmue I and II are released tomorrow. Neat. Assuming the ports aren't poop.


Going off of my qpost yesterday about Bethesda's legal abuse, I share this video. I love when this guy comes out to speak about game industry BS. Why? Because he's an actual copyright attorney.


I'm still quite peeved over that secondhand sale/Bethesda lawsuit thing. I quick checked how eBay defines 'Brand New' for games and yep...the guy seems perfectly in his right to label the item as 'new'. Source in comments.


Didn't realize that Monster Hunter World on PC has an emblem for your "main Steam group". Which reminded me that I joined the DTOID one some years ago. Neat.


Retro-mazing news: A new emulator will allow you to play the original NES Metroid with updated visuals to make it look like Super Metroid.



Ordered Octopath Traveler awhile ago and got $15 off through Google Express, but the blasted thing says it's still in pre-shipment...But I do have my H'aanit alt box art ready. These My Nintendo alt covers look pretty nice.


Playing Beat Saber for the first time will be a memorable moment. Haven't had that much fun with a rhythm game since my first jam session on Rocksmith 2014. Just amazing


Heads up, Amazon just emailed out that Shenmue 1 and 2 is arriving August 21st. Sooner than I thought


Pocket Rumble on Switch is so good. It has a great tutorial that really goes deep like in Skullgirls. However, the inputs really lower the barrier for entry while still feeling satisfying. I wholly recommend Pocket Rumble.


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