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So apparently I made a terrible decision five years ago. I honestly thought it was going to be not hot garbage. ...I should pull that out. Play some Amazing Frog.

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ARMS. VIRTUAL ON. My bad. I don't know what happened there. Let me just tidy all this poop up.


Yo! I just realised why I love arms so dang much. Did you cats ever play Virtua On? It was on the Sega Saturn and arcades, so all good if you didn't. Give me flashbacks to long drinking sessions and mech strafing.


We're all excited for the SNES dealt, but you gotta feel the PAL cats. We're getting our first physical Earthbound and Mario RPG PAL releases. Finally.


Hey now! I wrote a blog a while ago and never promoted it. Why don't you go check that out and tell me I'm pretty. That's what they're for right?


In Australia, we have an ice cream called Golden Gaytime. People never make the easy joke here and I respect that. I was kind of hoping that would happen with the Japanese tuition game.


In Australia, we have an ice cream called Golden Gaytime. People never make the easy joke here and I respect that. I was kind of hoping that would happen with the Japanese tuition game.


A weekly podcast where myself and two others loudly and angrily talk about memes whilst getting every single piece of information regarding memes wrong.


If you're an editor and not screaming at your staff to "GET ME PICTURES OF THAT GOD DAMNED SPIDERED MAN!" you gotta lift your game.


Well, I'm a beasty of my word. The day Undertale releases on Vita I will be dressing like a "Cool Dude." Where does one find fashion basketballs?


Monster Hunter. You Hunt Monsters. Once the monsters are hunted, you wear the hunted monsters. No complication there.


Yo Dtoid. I fucking love you people. Not only did you remind me why games are important in my waning moment, you gave me the space to remember music is fucking amazing too! My most metal song for you:


Allow me to advocate for the Devil and ask; Do you really need a new Metroid game? Axiom verge is pretty dang good along with Flinthook, owlboy and others. Does it particularly matter if the game exists in all aspects aside from the Metroid wrap?


So terribly drained lately. I got a start on Monster Hunter Generations and it's helping to recharge me slowly. I need something to grab me, but I'm having trouble finding it. Eh. I'll get there I guess. Just gotta feel a little lost for a bit is all.


Arms is great! I am fully sold on this game now. I probably won't play it to death, but it's great for a short burn. Min Min is my favourite character so far. You know, until I can use Twintelle.


(Good ol' weekend bump you lovely people you) I went and made a Discord group for Mario Kart called Destructoid Mario Kart (DMK). What are you waiting for? Karts don't fall off Rainbow Road on their own.


Damn time! I can't get in on this Mario Kart tournament because I can't figure out when you lovelies are playing!


Hey Destructoid. Euro vision is going on. So, What is a song that you can play in your country and all people know the words to? In mine it is The Voice by John Farnham.


So whom has been everyone's favourite non Android character in NIER so far? Hands down mine is Engels. He just wants to have a chat cause he's bored and can't get around. Aaaww, buddy. I'll come say hi!


I've been playing so much NIER lately that I see machines all over the place. This cannot continue.


So...wait...the NIER series is a sequel to both the Drakengard series and Metal Slug? That's interesting.


For the life of me I couldn't figure out why Automata felt so familiar and yet so sad. I then decided to check out the soundtrack and a lot of it is reworkings of Song of the Ancients. Why is it raining inside?


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