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That was a pretty good birthday minus the working part. But the concert I went to was cool.


Hey everyone, how's it going? After being kinda bad off for a while I'm on the slight up. Hopefully whatever you peeps are going through works out.


Ring of Honor x NJPW Madison Square Garden show lads.


I do kinda want the Darksiders 3 Apocalypse edition but I can't justify $400 American. Might just get the CE for 150. The statue is nice.


Even as I disappear from time to time I'm glad people here still remember me. ...And my shennanigans on Discord.


So a friend of mine fully believes that Microsoft will own the gaming space in 5 years. And also believes that Sony is controlled by the Yakuza. Thoughts? I think it's hogwash.


Prepares new stream stuff. Computer massively fucks up. God. Damn. It.


I played this way too much. This is actually from the week of release but I was way too amped to play Shadow of the Colossus again.


When your game looks like mid 2000s Poser porn models. Shout out to Mr. X. Honestly, if the gameplay is there, sure I might bite.


So many games. DBFZ, MonHun, Dissidia are here, UNIB:exLate, SOC and Secret of Mana remake soon, and so many others. My body is ready my wallet is not.


Been playing Tekken for the last two hours. So fun. And I still suck. Lol


Forcing down progressive depression with fighting games. Time to level up myself on Injustice 2 until Tekken 7.


My fighting game heart is going to explode in short order. Injustice 2, GG Rev 2, and Tekken 7 one right after the other. Muh life. But I'm looking forward to messing up combos by thinking one game is the other. Weeeeeee


One of the only people to have something positive to say on a post. Welp...


Let's get this birthday started... by working literally almost all of it.


Streaming on twitch again. Watch me play things badly, hang out, and just talk. A meadly of PS3 games. twitch.tv/ghostbody


Streaming Dreamcast games wooo. Twitch.tv/ghostbody


Man, I really need to bunker down and write something.


I can now say that I have sat in a throne of broken glass. Except that throne was on the floor. And the glass was not regal.


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So my original account "Ghostbody" got nuked from the face of earth for whatever reason... So here I am reborn as Trueghostbody. You may still see that shambling corpse in the comments as Disqus allows that but I guess until that gets fixed or nothing ends up happening I am here. A '09'er as to being signed up here and a '07 lurker.

Conveniently, my PSN name is Thetrueghostbody and out of left field on Xbox it is Faquza. Working on writing more about games and working all the time so it is a tad bit counterproductive. Hit me up on any of the gaming services if you want to play. I have a heavy focus on fighters but I play everything under the sun.

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