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Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week! I secretly turned casual and downloaded an iOS game BUT DRAGALIA LOST IS SO GOOD


How to get into Elite Smash

Hey guys I see this question come up a lot in random forums I am in and just wanted to give a quick guide blog and video to help you guys out! *cue commercial :  HEY! SO DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE THIS GUY AND BE AN ELITE "SMASHER" (...


Can't wait to blog again! Pretty excited I'm almost finished! Will probably be out Saturday here we come #200 and the return of Troy!


The joycons might be the most underrated and comfortable controllers. I can't not play breath of the wild with them !


I just realized next week is the Switch!! Like holy crap Nintendo way to sneak that up on me


I love how everyday my backlog grows bigger when do I go hey world gimmie 30 days and 100 hour days to finish these JRPGS lol


Why am I not asleep also Phoenix Wright 6 in 2 days!!


Just finished my first blog in over a year haha can't wait to review again!


I forgot quick posting vs blogs exist now lol


Just finished helping my brother in his film final project! Check it out and help him get an A lol!


Also for all the captain falcon lovers out there check this sick tourney compilation tourney video for my brothers tournament win


It's time to finally blog again! We're back!


Top 5 N64 Games Video Format!

Hey guys I know I haven't really blogged that much but since school is done expect more of it! For now take this Top 5 N64 video we made like a month ago and tell us your favorites! I don't get the new format so here's the link Top 5 ...


The APEX Journey: Day 3- Arrival and Results

Edit: I haven't posted this in mad long but since post-APEX I've won a few tourneys made like over $500 and was featured on the site Melee it on Me. It's kid of cool when people come up to you and call you a top player but I'm still no...


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