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Eva Langoria got rounder (NVGR)

This just in people, Eva Langoria but on a few pounds, but dear god, DON'T ASSUME THAT SHE GOT PREGNANT. This shit is too important to fool around with. This shit is ATOMIC. To say that this shit is "for real" is understatement. It's bigg...


My Geometry Wars Galaxies Impressions

The Wii has gotten a lot of high profile releases in the past few weeks. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Soul Caliber Legends, Link's Crossbow Training, Zack and Wiki, and of course Super Mario Galaxy. It's sad to see these Prima-Donna...


Ghostbusters PS2 Wii scans, info

So, the new GhostBusters movie is going to be a game, and as there is no universal game console format (yet) as there is with DVD, the games creator's must come in two seperate flavors, one for the PS3/360 and the other for the Wii/PS2. Can...



For serious, this is super important. L-Block is leading in the finals of Gamefaqs annual character battle, going head to head Link, Cloud, and Snake. L-Block needs to win this shit! A vote for L-Block is a vote for the end of retarded cha...


8-Bit Mega Man is back.

8-Bit doesn't die. As a visual style, 8-Bit graphics continue to mean something to gaming culture. I think of 8-bit graphics as the video game equivilant to cubism. It's a style that may have started from artists' inability to do "bette...


Last week's Japanese Software sales, WTF?

There is so much weird about this list, I don't even know where to start. No Wii or PS3 games on it AT ALL, but a 360 games makes it. And the PS2 sequel to a Dreamcast fish-man pet sim is #1. Here's the full list. 01. [PS2] Seaman 2 (S...


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