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A Look Back: Rogue Galaxy

2006. That's the year Rogue Galaxy came out. 2008. That's the year I purchased Rogue Galaxy. That Christmas, I wanted a PS3 but because of forces beyond my control, I had to settle for a game of the previous generation. There wasn't a ...


Next blog post will look back on one of my favorite games of all time: Rogue Galaxy. If the reception is good I may do a look back on my 9 other favorite games of all time. Oh, and I put this here as a reminder to myself on what my next blog will be.


Steam summer sales have mercy on my wallet's soul!


Kingdom Hearts: A Retrospective

We interrupt this blog that was supposed to be a review to bring you a look back at Kingdom Hearts. When Kingdom Hearts was released way back in 2002, it was to me a unique game. It's worlds contained characters from Final Fantasy game...


Heard how Activision is packing the Season Pass with Black Ops 4. Lmao shitheads


RIP my Xbox One controller. Good thing my DS4 works on most PC games


Zenith is as dumb a game as I've played. And I mean that in the best possible way. The funniest game I've played so far this year.


The real reason EA let Bioware put single player in Anthem:


E3 2018: Expectations and Hopes

Here we are, a week before the biggest gaming convention of the year. The biggest publishers in the world will once again try to convince us to spend money on their games, certain gaming publications will rate which booth babes are the...


Got three blog ideas and actually remembered to write them down. Go me.


Best way to unwind after work? Play video games!


The Trouble With Downloadable Content

I remember a time when you had to work to unlock a weapon or outfit. Like defeating Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2 to get Fenrir, or dodging 200(!) lightning bolts in a row in Final Fantasy X to power up Lulu to the max. Wanted Kisala's...


Nier: Automata soundtrack is perfection.


Hey Steam, next time you put KOTOR 2 make sure it works eh?


So close to the end of God of War I can almost taste it... lick


I'm gonna start working out again. I need Kratos' physique.


Metal Gear Survive, why did you appear on my PSN recommendations???


Happy birthday to Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge


Always happy to kick back with iced tea after work. Man I need a girlfriend...


PSN Golden Week: I will not buy. I will not spend. Backlog is already backlogged.


Read the review for Avengers and now I know Doctor Stange is in the movie. Stupid spoilers!!


Tuesdays are always boring.


Just a few more days until the new Avengers movie comes out. C'mon time move faster!


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Some of my earliest gaming memories involve getting past a ghost in Super Mario World, running away from a bear in Crash Bandicoot 2, defeating 1000 heartless in Kingdom Hearts 2, and so on; memories that have left a permanent mark on me and will go down as my fondest moments in interactive media. Did that paragraph make me sound smart? I think it did, and if you think it didn't, it just means I'm smarter. Yeah.

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