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I ordered Hyrule Warriors, dammit.


Drinking St Bernardus ABT 12 and playing Bloodstained: ROTN. Good shit.


New job is pretty hectic, but that's my speed. Really loving it so far, and the people are all helpful. Not a fan of being the new guy. I like to be an asset. But they put me on the phones and had me dispatch for a while and I impressed, so that's good.


Oh, I missed that The Ancient Gods 1 is finally on Switch. Guess I'll finally be finishing that. Nice. Also, really enjoyed the Direct. I can't imagine a Metroidvania ever beating out Hollow Knight, but a proper Metroud 5? Yes!


Oh, Project Warlock 2! Nice. Coolest trailer I've seen so far.


Welp, here's hoping Nintendo has some interesting things to show. Cause, so far...


Shitty Era Aerosmith blasting in 95 degree heat and the bouquet of cheap sunscreen, vomit, and ratchet perfumes. Some fat kid in a Rick and Morty shirt crying cause he dropped his ice cream while his dad just stares at the slots, smoking. COME TO VEGAS


So, landing in Vegas, the first thing I see is a giant Konami building. I GOT SO EXCITED...and then immediately, completely depressed.


Who's got two feet and one of them is broken? Dis guy right here. Bike accident. My boss was super cool about it and even offered me a ride to the VA ER. My trainer will probably be less cool about it. Whoops.


Never signed up for a patreon quicker.


First day down at DHS, and this is going to be a damned good challenge. I guess 75% of trainees drop out before hitting the actual communications floor. I'm good, bring it


First day down at DHS, and this is going to be a damned good challenge. I guess 75% of trainees drop out before hitting the actual communications floor. I'm good, bring it


Five more months til I get to come home to Lauren every day. I don't care how corny or dopey it sounds. Life is hectic, and I finally have someone who is a true partner. It's the good life.


I didn't even know this site had a Videos tab until I hit it for the millionth time cause it's in the old Qtoid position.


I think I'll go play Biomutant til the site is not broken. I still have no idea how to craft weapons, which was kind of a selling point. I'd say let me know, but I wouldn't be able to see your comment anyway. Life is suffering.


Oh shit that Necromunda: Hired Gun game is out in just a few days! Here's hoping it's as rad as it looks.


House to myself tonight! Biomutant? Biomutant! Oh and I might like AC: Origins? Weird!


Sweet. Looking forward to my weekend. These are the two games I've been looking forward to most this year.


Nocturne and Biomutant are at my place buuuuut I'm working all the hours this week. My Friday (Monday night) will be pretty great this week.


Saw Stand By Me at a Fathom event at a local theater w Lauren. First she has seen it. That was a damned great experience.


Gotta love GameStop. $10 for "release day delivery," definitely has not been delivered and their "detailed shipping info" says "shipped." Why did I buy from GameStop? Because SMTIII and Biomutant were $77 and $109 (standard edition) on Amazon pre-release.


Mixed reviews on Biomutant and I don't know why that's usually such a positive sign for me. I don't care about arguing about it here or under a YouTube video or anything, so it's not that. Could be it's just like people. I like em weird and imperfect.


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