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Spatz be the only cat I know that likes belly rubs. I know I have been posting a lot of cat pics. They are warming up to the kid, so they are not hiding as much.


Hambone is easily confused by wires. He does not like to walk over them. Is this normal? It keeps him from jumping on the couch. Weirdo.


A Gillete commercial being politically divisive is like a Ghostbusters movie being politically divisive. How low can we sink? They are not sending a message, they are seeking a market. Also, who the fuck still watches commercials? Bet you sought it out...


I love how certain DS games look like PS1 games, especially re-releases like Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing. I picked up Okamiden today and I love the look. I guess it is strange that jaggies and a lack of filtering are so endearing to me, but nostalgia.


Seriously, John Wick 3? Halle Barry? Barf. Still watching it day one, but I have never found her charismatic enough to elevate a role.


Happy birthday Wes. Eat tacos. I will.


Dusk was just amazing. One of the best shooters ever made. Incredibly colorful and creative levels, awesome mechanics, and a good challenge. It is about as close to perfection that a 90s inspired shooter can get.


Does anyone have any suggestions for really dumb kung fu films or classics outside of Bruce Lee? Think everything from Boxer's Omen to The Last Dragon. The cheesier the better!


Turns out Randy Pitchford "Peacock Parties" are basically Hitman levels. Shocking, I tells ya'...


Dusk is better than Quake, nothing is better than Doom...but Dusk comes close, and I am not finished with Dusk yet. This game is nuts. Please play Dusk. Years from now, you will be watching a Youtube channel telling you how it was great. Get in now.


Spatz and Hambone, enjoying The Simpsons.


If you dig those old rotoscoped platformers, check out The Eternal Castle Remastered. The look is awesome!


The artist from The Shrouded Isle and the composer of Celeste's OST are on the Giant Beastcast. You should check it out.


We've tried to watch Thor: Ragnarok 3 times now. I believe in myself. I can do this. It's just the same. Tired. Shit.


Tips for chili: rehydrate dried peppers using a stout. Saute' your veg using bacon fat. Use fire roasted tomatoes. Roast some pepitas and puree them with some of the broth/stout. After browning your meat, deglaze your pan with broth/stout. Welcome!


Dusk has a pretty classy shoutout to Totalbiscuit. Put your FoV up to 150.


Playing through Majora's Mask makes me hope that the next Switch Zelda is a creepy one. Quick turn around, use the BotW assets, that kinda' deal. I would alao love a Chinatown Wars sequel. That game is a total blast. So much so that I am looking at PSPs.


Wait. Ace Combat is MGS but Jets?!?


I SAID "This looks like Mischief Makers meets Klonoa" YOU FUCKERS! HURRY UP AND BUY!!!


If you are interested in reading some top 10 GOTY blogs from people like Ed Boon, SWERY, Celeste composer Lena Raine, and Mandy co-writer Aaron Stewart-Ahn, head to Giant Bomb. Good stuff.


Happy New Years! While 2018 was terrible for the Everyone Else, my year was great! Hey! I may relate to this President more than I thought! Paste is delicious! Hamble barb boob closet!!!


My shitty monitor is dying. Anyone got any suggestions for a TV with great blacks and/or HDR that is not stoopid pricey?


Dayum. That is one proud t-shirt.


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