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Top of your head, what game would you like to see a sequel for that just ain't gonna' happen? Sleeping Dogs for me.


Seven years later, Sleeping Dogs is still the best GTA game.


Jack and Jill is a low point for Happy Madison, but Anger Management is even worse. It was delayed because of the 2003 war in Iraq "in consideration of world events." Guess that's true, since it's stuffed with post-production military recruitment ads.


Clint Howard has always looked like Baraka's pervy cousin. Even when he was seven years old.


I work with a guy that simultaneously believes we live in a nanny state, safe spaces are bullshit, AND that Teh Gay Agenda is being shoved down our throats by popular culture through simple representation. It's fun.


Without Sega arcade games and capsule toys, Shenmue sucks even more. Didn't occur to me how much the game would lose without that. Glad fans got it, but maaaaaan this game ain't for me. At least the first game was 80s Arcade Simulator sometimes.


I know that everyone has problems and it's the human condition and all, but when I see a headline like "How Kristin Bell deals with her depression!" I think "She looks in the fucking mirror? She remembers that she is Kristin Bell and rich and beautiful?"


Overload is a damn fine game. I want more modern 6DoF games. Someone needs to blow the genre out. I would love a 6DoF game where the player could egress and commandeer vehicles. Maybe have on foot FPS? I want it.


I did not know that Overload hit consoles. So we're downloading that now. Haven't played a good ol'6DoF game in a long while. Nice.


Damn was I dead wrong about Shado Warrior 2. The first game felt awful, this one plays great.


Just when you thought GI could not be any closer to the pulse of cultural zeitgeist...


A question that often pops into my head when I am playing a game I am iffy on is "Would I still play this if it looked bad?" If the answer is no, I move on to something else. I guess that says a lot about my preferences, and how much I value my time.


Moving into having Boy five days of the week. I work four 10-12 hour shifts, have two days off with him, and one to myself. That's some good work/life balance right there. Anyway, I am extremely happy to have majority custody. He is the best.


Holy shit, the absolute state of some Pokemon fans right now. I don't really care about the series or Sword/Shield's "controversies," but I eagerly anticipate the upcoming Dtoid review. Mostly for the burner account and guest comments.


I think Death Stranding is the result of Hideo Kojima hearing the term "walking simulator" for the first time. He did not understand the negative connotation of the term because no one presented him with an hour and a half cinematic about it.


I didn't expect that I would get so obsessed with Dying Light. That game is fucking dope. Reminds me of a goofier, less po-faced STALKER. The game is in desperate need of quality writing, so I am hyped for the sequel. Shit is intense.


I am currently playing Xeno Crisis, Blazing Chrome, vanilla Doom 93, and Turok 2 HD. It's like alternate history 90s up in here, and I am very happy about that.


Xeno Crisis is really good, y'all.


Soooo, do we think EA is coming back to Steam because they need more eyes on their games or because Steam is worried about Epic? Probably both. Who the fuck makes Origin a destination? But also, Apex Legends is a thing, I hear. Also also, EA so who cares?


I am worried that with IT being a (*financial) success and Doctor Sleep getting good enough reviews, we will soon see a Stephen King Universe a la Marvel/Conjuring/Dark (REMEMBER THE DARK UNIVERSE?!?)/Hasbro (if it ever materializes).


Soooo this released today and looks fucking rad.


If you are one of the many people who miss the good ol' PS2 era mid-tier releases, check out Focus Home Interactive's games. Styx, Vampyr, Plague Tale, Greedfall, The Surge, they release some rad stuff.


If an Outer Worlds sequel can nail the atmosphere of wandering Fallout's wasteland by incorporating rad space travel/exploration, that's it, perfect game. I watched my buddy play for a few hours today, and I am pining for it. Ugh.


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