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Find you a partner what drinks the French dip broth...


Hot take: Doom 3 was okay before the Duct tape mod (ie shoulder-mounted flashlight), and ruined completely by BFG Edition.


Dying Light 2 delayed indefinitely. Welp, at least Doom Eternal is still on track???


Anyone out there know if I can play the OG XBOX version of San Andreas on 360 with an OG XBOX San Andreas disc, or will it just install the awful 360 mobile port like the digital OG XBOX version does?


Great interview with Hugo Martin, creative director of Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal. Dude is really down to earth and open...and he has a Last Dragon poster in his office, so he's alright by me.


I am loving that so much of Doom Eternal's OST reminds me of Jesper Kyd's early work. Particularly the Batman and Robin Genesis soundtrack. Great, great stuff.


Hey, sorry to post so soon after my last, but anyone know how to make dat BC work on an XBONE? It keeps telling me it does not recognize the disc, but it is Halo Anniversary, and you know that shit is compatible. XBONE is updated, fyi.


I am a garbage man. Eating Taco Bell, drinking a Rockstar, and playing Far Cry Primal. Never trust my opinion on anything ever.


Gotta love it when you order a new game directly from the publisher and the bonus materials promised on the box and the listing are nowhere to be found. Guess it's off to ebay...


I. Am. Shocked. Lemme tell ya. Shocked.


Bang, roar, bang, roar, bang, gurgle.


I love OG Quake, like 2 enough, and love 3. 4 is one of the most disappointing sequels ever for me. Maybe Blood Omen 2 is worse? Anyway, what are the game sequels that most disappointed you? Also, shout out to WB ruining MK with microtransactions.


So I just treated myself to Quake 4 on 360 to get the Quake 2 port and the Doom 3 steelbook on OG XBOX to get the OG Doom 3 port (and good ports of Classic Dooms). Hope I don't have any compatibility issues.


After a year at the shelter, I am moving on to something that combines this experience with my military experience. It's 10K more a year, and will relieve a lot of stress. I put in my two weeks tonight, and my last week is paid vacation. Very excited.


So this looks absolutely incredible. Doom 2016 but Quake engine? Holy shit yes.


So this looks absolutely incredible. Doom 2016 but Quake engine? Holy shit yes.


Looks like the pissing contest w Iran may have killed 176 innocent people on a flight. Just....great job, all around. Totally necessary.


Oh, when they say you should be aggressive in Sekiro they really mean it. Finally fucked up Lady Butterfly and a few other bosses. Still have a lot of problems with it, but it is clicking much more now.


To further hype up Odallus, it isfinally available for the XBONE as well. So, both us XBONE owners can grab that!


I wonder what it is about Sekiro that makes it so whenever I come back after putting it down for weeks at a time, I almost immediately conquer the challenge that once had me quitting? Weird.


I had really terrible biscuits n gravy for breakfast. Growing up in southern VA, that is a food that I get unreasonably angry about when it is done wrong. You have one of them, or am I a weirdo?


I think one of my favorite things about quitting the booze has been how much I enjoy sweets now. I was never a big fan before. Now I grab a soda and candy at the movies and it is glorious. YOU CAN USE TWIZZLERS AS STRAWS YO!


Playing Tenchu. I miss Tenchu. I should get a PSP so I can play Time of the Assassins and a Vita so I can play Shinobido. Almost forgot how much I love these games.


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