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Besides the fact that Slain runs terribly on Switch (when you are moving...sitting still sees the game at 60fps), it started to remind me of something that I have not thought of in a long time: MK Mythologies. Remember MK Mythologies???


Jim Sterling got a day job?


I am getting pretty excited for the SF 30th Anniversary Collection. Just a reminder that Training and Practice modes are coming in a day one patch, so early videos hitting Youtube are not indicative of the final package. Rad to have it on a cartridge!


I have an interview next week that is a culmination of a whole lot of work. One that will triple my income with day one benefits and great insurance for me and mine. Not nervous, really. Just breathing like I am about to kick down a door...


TIL that "pony" is a derogatory term for Sony fanboys. Ponies are small. That means they are weak. Get it? Also, pony rhymes with Sony! This was on a State of Decay 2 video. Go figure! Microsoft, please make more games before your fans turn me into glue.


Not sure how many people care, but here are some judges week impressions from Easy Allies on Days Gone. They are reporting a frame rate of around 15fps...but I guess that explains the delay.


Fifth episode in to Cobra Kai and I am guessing this is building to their kids fighting. It took awhile for the show to grow on me. Seems that everyone has settled into their roles a bit more. Very happy that I stuck with it.


This was tough, but I loved it. Gonna have to go back and get all strawberries. Like Retro City Rampage, Celeste has a demake hidden in it.


Celeste is so fucking good. Just a beautiful game. Tough as nails too. Just at the Hotel...


Hi. Remember when developers made different versions of games for different systems? Remember when porting down from arcades was a thing? This RE7 thing on Switch is just gross.


Resi 7 Coming to Switch!!! Oh. A "streaming" version.


I love seeing people get all hyped for E3. Makes me happy.


That's Plague Knight finished. I wish I could say that I came around on the way he plays...but I really did not. Honestly, I am just glad it is over.


The director of the Resident Evil...let's call them "films"...is making a Monster Hunter movie starring Milla Jovovich. That is hilarious.


I really do not enjoy playing as Plague Knight. I love everything else about him...I just do not like the way he feels at all. His double jump was designed to be an inch shorter than the average platform. Hate. It.


Going to do a Hell run on Cave Story. Never done it before, but I have gotten the "good" ending and the "fuck ya'll, I'm out" ending. Wish me luck. Also, they are releasing a physical version of the busted Switch port of Slain!? K...


Noclip is an excellent Youtube channel. Don't sleep on it.


The most legit early review you will get of Solo.


Japanese Mario Tennis overview. Dark Luigi??? This game is looking better and better. https://youtu.be/z-yUwIduGZw


Rage 2 info and live action trailer. It is apparently a collaboration with Just Cause devs. Gameplay tomorrow. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/rage-2-is-a-collaboration-with-just-cause-dev-ps4-/1100-6458925/


Tomorrow may be Rage 2 day. That is exciting for me...and maybe only me.


Occams and I had a blast at drum circle.


I ate all the pho so is good day nap now.


So, Devolver is making a SNES game about crunch time from which 100% of proceeds will go to mental health charity Take This. Any more proof that they are awesome is no longer needed. Link in comments. Bump...cause it is actually important.


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