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Nintendo, Im tired of replaying Metroid Prime with my neighbors. November would be a good time to release that remaster. Sincerely 006.


Folky, metalish , moving. An oldie but goodie.


I want to post some cool locale pictures of xb3 but don’t want to take it away from anyone that plays it later. So here is this ad I made. You can figure out for what.


Xb3 has all my gaming attention at the moment. Hope you all have a good weekend.


I got my copy for XC3 from N o a yesterday. It came with a iou for the se. The game is addicting, music is moving, graphics are great, story is enthralling, battle system is growing on me. Really feeling it.


She is entering shark mode.


With any luck my copy of xc3 will be here Monday. Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Sorry for the double. Thought this might appeal. Wave 2 August 4.


With my luck Nin will ship it next week. So close.


I surprised my mom with a new pup! Meet Hazel.


Getting close.


Over in Japan Nintendo issued a heat warning on the switch. Careful if you are in hot temps playing on the switch can over heat the console. “Please use the console in areas between 5 ~ 35°C (41 ~ 95°F).”


I finished xenoblade 2. God damn that last half was so good. Now Im reading up and watching vids about the story and history of the series.


I hope you all have your personal triumphs. Wether big or small they all matter.


I blame dtoid. Fact, part of the lyrics can be found in dtoids website. Two points if you know where.


Ah, poor scalper.


No caption needed.


Spotted in Miami.


Anyone want to buy an island with me?


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