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Guitar Hero On Tour Review: My Hand Hurts So Good

When Activision first announced a Guitar Hero game for the DS I think we were all suspicious. Suspicious of how things would work. Sure, it's the same basic idea as the console counterparts. You've got the note highway and the colored b...


Come Join The Destructoid MGO Clan

Yeah yeah, wikky wikky! After doing nothing but play MGO for the past week, I finally got the 20 required hours to create an in game clan. So what did I make? None other than the Destructoid community clan! So come join up and show everyon...


Kotaku needs to lurk moar.

It seems that you can e-mail any videogame related internet meme and they'll front page it, regardless of how the image is. Full article.


Happy Metal Gear Day!

Happy Metal Gear day to everyone! Since I'll be playing this game almost nonstop, don't expect to see me on here for a while. Enjoy your Metal Gears.


Toneman's Time Portal: June 6th

Hey there! Time to take another look back at what I was blogging about a year ago. Last time we learned about why I like Ouendan 2 so much. Creepy! Now lets reveal what I blogged about one year ago. *Super Unveil!* Hooray it's....wait w...


Dethklok Concert Wrap-up

Last night I journeyed into the depths of downtown Portland to attend the first stop of Dethklok's nationwide tour. Besides the random drunken jackasses and the insane amount of Battlefield: Bad Company posters stuck around the building, ...


New MGS4 Video: Not So Spoilery?

Here's a video of a cutscene in MGS4! [Via Kotaku.] Maybe Spoilers? I haven't actually watched it myself since I'm going spoiler free, but enjoy anyway! Edit: Just watched it and there's nothing in there that you don't already know about. ...


A Year Ago Today: Toneman's Cblog Time Portal

As we all are very well aware of now, the Cblogs turned 1 year old today. But another thing happened today. It's also the 1 year anniversary of my first Cblog post. YAY! OK, so it's not nearly as awesome as a full year of Dtoiders' freedom ...


Best Preorder Bonus Ever [R-Type Command]

While browsing through the promo drawer at my store I found what may just be the best preorder bonus ever. This particular bonus is for R-Type Command on the PSP which, surprise, we had no preorders for. The bonus for R-Type is a little mod...


GameStop Stops Selling Accessories

As pictured above, GameStop is apparently not selling accessories anymore. Actually, they still are because you can locate items at local stores via typing in your zip code on the site. Maybe they just don't sell accessories online anymore...


MGO Beta Servers Are Up!

Just got connected and I'm making my character. See you online! To add friends, go to personal data, then player search. Then just type in somebody's name. Made a forum to list MGO names: http://www.destructoid.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=988...


Army of Two Has The Best Level In Any Game Ever

So I recently played through Army of Two with Cutie Honey, all in all it was a fun experience. For the most part, you're basically trying to flank badguys and shoot them in the ass. There is part of the game that really stuck out. It's at t...


Nyko Perfect Shot: BUY IT!

If you're a fan of all the recent arcade shooting game ports for the Wii, then chances are you're looking for a better way to play them right? Sure the Zapper gets the job done but it doesn't really bring the arcade feel to your home. Plus...


Activision Fails.....

Hey! Check out the code for free COD4 maps that I got. Awesome huh? Here's Activision's response: "You will need to return it to where you bought it for an exchange. This is considered a defective product if the code is missing like that....


MGS4 Beta Keys Coming to a GameStop Near You!

Today I caught word from GameStop HQ that MGS4 preorder beta keys were shipped out to stores last Friday. This means that stores should start receiving them this week. Maybe as early as Tuesday! If you have MGS4 preordered at a GameStop be...


Yugioh....er I mean Pokemon Improv Dubs (NVGR)

And now to take a trip back in time, back before Youtube was bought by Google. Time to take a look at an episode of Kotic Kitten's Dumb Unprepared Dubbing (D.U.D) series. What never heard of D.U.D.? Well that's because Youtube deleted our s...


Dtoid Northwest Presents: Bowser Pr0n

A few weeks ago, the a few of us Oregon Dtoiders got together at king3vbo's place and played some fucking Brawl! Anyways, this is what happens when you play Brawl with a bunch of internet crazy heads.


Download The Destructoid Brawl Stage Here!

So as many of you may know I created a Destructoid robot Brawl stage. Anyways since the online for Brawl is really fucked up right now I've kindly uploaded it to a Brawl stage sharing site called brawlstages.com. (Thanks to lemon for the t...


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