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Numbers. Everywhere.


I dunno, telling a kid 'get off the Google' just doesn't have the same shine as 'get off the Nintendo' to me.


For those of you that still haven't bit on Splatoon 2, free demo coming here starting tomorrow. And Switch Online is also included in the deal during the demo.


Been taking those headphones for a spin with God Eater 3 over the weekend. And the PS4 controller attached to it. On the PC. I've been thoroughly impressed by it, to say the least. Just hope it lasts with as much money as I've spent on all of this...


So I came back to Tetris 99 about a month after release just to see how the games turned out. Boy, do I get my ass kicked now that most people have put the game down outside of the uber elite.


Ohhhh noooo....


Max made a million subs.


All I can say is wooooooooooooow.


Time for me to link something to waste your time on. EDIT: Link in thread, got eaten.


So I'm pretty sure with the launch of the GTX 1660 that I will no longer be recommending the 1060 if it's at the same price level. The 1660 beats it hands down. If you see a 1060 for 150 or less then I might bite but these 1660s are now $220 on Newegg.


Well, expect BL3 on Epic Games Store as an exclusive. Also, Randy Pitchford could do with better PR capabilities.


It's Pi Day so have PIE ASS.


Endgame trailer's out this morning.


Hi. Why?


So that wind storm's really pounding us in the States right now. We're not getting the brunt of it...but Texas and Colorado and the surrounding area sure are. National Guard's already deployed with the blizzard Colorado has.


Oh. Oh okay. So Fruitbat Factory's gone from 100% Rage Juice to 100% Rage Against the Rhythm Machine.


I really get antsy dropping so much on sound stuff but here we are. Be in on Friday.


Hm. Keyboards usually start at 1, not 0. Big oops there on that manufacturing. Check out where the parentheses are.


Well, it works pretty all right. Haven't tried online yet but the gameplay is a solid port so far. Just wish I could redefine keys on my controller.


I like how I can just walk into a store and buy this.


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