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But seriously, if you watch any of them, watch this one. Also check the comments for some beat up cars I was in front of today.


3SPOOPY5ME [We cut out early on this one]




Samus kills the anime universe.


Nintendo: We are going to delay Animal Crossing to give our devs a life outside of working all the time. Investors:


Ayami Kojima art for Bloodstained. Looks like old CV eyecatch.


'That's a lot of fucking pizza!'


It's Hidamari. It's not Hidamari.


Hear me out: Rondo of Blood with English cutscenes, Bomberman 5-player, actual Valis localization (and we had a post on that one just a short bit ago).


2020 has a lot going for it suddenly. Maybe I might get my Neon Night Riders by then.


Well, I definitely missed this.


Hah. Well. My night is set. And just after I started a new save file on my SNES Classic a couple weeks back.


Ah...just how I remember. Can't wait to get to Jupiter's chapter so I can go to Canada.


Okay, but why though?


Getting a lot of computers in here in the past week that will no longer allow upgrades to W10 from W7 (1903 dropping support on a lot of old hardware). If you're still one of these, might wanna start checking your options before January.


Well now we know who shot first.


Been a while.


'What's your thoughts on MS's E3?' 'Dunno, I was playing Der Langrisser.'


Jim is aware now.


...I must have missed that we're down to 30 minutes for BotW runs now.


Downside of having high-level gear: Not wealthy enough to afford high-level gear.


Super AMA time. Ask questions, get answers. Also, an excuse to post Rin art.


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