NE: Five ways the Switch could be made better
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Well...I'm getting farther than people keep telling me not to go past. That's good, right?


Card Sagas Wars drops next week. Yes, the MUGEN title for about a decade ago that never saw the light of day. Link vs. Cloud? X vs. KOS-MOS? Master Chief vs. Samus? Yea.


Lovely marquee on the upper left.




Summer starts today...and so do the Steam Sales. Also posting Fluff & UMU to get attention. EDIT: Summer Sale is live. Long live dead servers.


TIL Windjammers is on Vita.


Start date for FJF is upon us.


I'd be very surprised if this game doesn't review well.


Heyyy new Tales game indev for consoles.


...What? What do you mean Athena's a Virtual YouTuber now?


Tried for a solid hour. Nope. Not even going to give Ninty the luxury of another. Shit's hard to the point of bullshit.


This year's almost half done. This decade's almost over...


Tired. AMA in the comments. Zzz...


Octo Expansion cleared. I'll be back for completion, though.


Not terrible. Still gotta get used to those Vita controls though. Not my best time for 150 lines.


22/80 for the Expansion completed. A and B lines done. This is actually pretty tough.


Etika looking like he damn near had a heart attack here.


Hm. So I liked Sony's conference. But no one else seemed to. And I was apathetic to most of E3 until then.


Wasn't expecting that one on a university compy.


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