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Just a heads up for Chrome users but I see a mass exodus to Firefox soon if this report holds weight. Basically, uBlock Origin will break on Chrome soon. EDIT: See thread, URL busted.


All right. Gonna do an AMA now. Cuz I haven't done one in a while. And I want to do one. So I'm gonna.


Vivi or Snow. Betting it's Snow. We'll know in a week.


Got a 486sx 25MHz with 7MB of RAM and a SB16 running. Then I made it run DOOM.


I got a triple kill. Finally.


Pretty scary when even WB checks in on a meme.


Diabetes kicks in.


Well, they got Mama Trails on board for CS3 with translation efforts. Among others. But they're just that. Support. So I don't know really what this means or how far this means that they'll be able to do their job...


Thanks to you guys I ate tacos. Course my coworker did too for lunch so that made it even harder not to.


Oh my gooooooddddddddddd


Got this today and it has a clip with Ramsay in it.


The monkey's paw has moved.


Oh. This too. I have absolutely no clue why I didn't get wiped out but I guess I somehow pulled off the carry of Atlas here...


Dusting off after a break. Playing someone online other than Cammy for a change of pace.


Got this old relic working.


Drop some OSTs in here. From video games. That you're pretty sure no one's heard. Sorry, I keep progressively upping the ante here, I'll stop.


Man, I've been seeing this one on social media -=all day=-...


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