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Good news is I have the night off work for once! Bad news is MHWorld isn't coming till Tuesday cause I pre-ordered last night when I caved haha


Holy fuck, Iconoclasts is fucking beautiful.


I beat Mario Odyssey's main story! So that's one new years resolution down! Now what new games to get....oh my wallet is getting the tingles. The bad tingles.


Our dtoid kind of crazy here in qtoid.


Wow YS: VIII delayed again on PC. They could've...just not announced a release date only to delay it. Sheesh. I bet Falcom and xseed are pretty irate now.


I've been working busy with overtime so I havent been able to join in on the bandwagon on wishing people happy birthdays. I'm not that close with all of you but I do appreciate everyone for making dtoid what it is. Happy Birthday to everyone! I do mean it


So Metal Gear Survive isn't name that to suggest the survival aspects. It's more of a question of if Metal Gear will survive Konami. Seems unlikelym


Hahah just like everyone else I did not see that announcement coming from Nintendo. It is unique at the very least. Not sure how I feel yet.


So I tried Dissidia NT demo anddd what the hell is even happening. I think I'm having fun. It's very colorful.


I've drank so much coffee this last week for the graveyard shift and overtime. It's like liquid sunshine.


Deviljo is great in MHWorld and all but where my Zinogre at? I need muh Thunder God to thunder fist me to death in HD.


I figured out my New Year's Resolution. I won't buy any new games until I finish at least one game I bought last year. Just one. Maybe.


Came out of work to be stuck in Silent Hill. Or Superman Man 64. I don't know which would be more terrifying. A Happy New Year indeed!


Happy New Years to my favorute gaming community! I actually have work tonight and tomorrow but it wish you all a safe new years!


MHW Beta Impressions: Damn you look pretty! And the controls are so much more smooth. Fucking love it. I'm psyched, now if only a PC release could be announced.


Last Work Day for the week. Time to get into the Christmas Spirit! Happy Holidays!


God I am so hyped for the MHW Beta now! I'm glad I didn't get PS+ just to try it. Good work shopping impulses.


You know now that I think about it. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace was the first game I've played that had a gacha system despite being a premium game for the Vita. You could get ridiculously overpowered gear by paying.


My cat was cutely and lazily watching a moth fly around without killing it. So I killed it. Then I realized I wasn't the owner anymore. I'm okay with that.


Finally started using Spotify to try and find new music. Found this. It's so damn catchy.



You know, Gastly's in game voice is a lot cuter than it is in the show. I much prefer it, now I want to keep it in my team.


Happy Thanksgiving! Finally celebrated today and my cousins had a little Mario hat. So naturally I let it possess my cat. Shitty phone camera quality aside.


I got a Youtube community strike for having a playlist....named Konosuba? The only thing in it was funny clips from the anime from Konosuba too. What the fuckkkk UPDATE: They overturned it but that was so stupid.


Damn just finished the Punisher and good lord was that awesome. The violence was fucking intense, I had to grimace a few times.


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