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I figured out my New Year's Resolution. I won't buy any new games until I finish at least one game I bought last year. Just one. Maybe.


Came out of work to be stuck in Silent Hill. Or Superman Man 64. I don't know which would be more terrifying. A Happy New Year indeed!


Happy New Years to my favorute gaming community! I actually have work tonight and tomorrow but it wish you all a safe new years!


MHW Beta Impressions: Damn you look pretty! And the controls are so much more smooth. Fucking love it. I'm psyched, now if only a PC release could be announced.


Last Work Day for the week. Time to get into the Christmas Spirit! Happy Holidays!


God I am so hyped for the MHW Beta now! I'm glad I didn't get PS+ just to try it. Good work shopping impulses.


You know now that I think about it. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace was the first game I've played that had a gacha system despite being a premium game for the Vita. You could get ridiculously overpowered gear by paying.


My cat was cutely and lazily watching a moth fly around without killing it. So I killed it. Then I realized I wasn't the owner anymore. I'm okay with that.


Finally started using Spotify to try and find new music. Found this. It's so damn catchy.



You know, Gastly's in game voice is a lot cuter than it is in the show. I much prefer it, now I want to keep it in my team.


Happy Thanksgiving! Finally celebrated today and my cousins had a little Mario hat. So naturally I let it possess my cat. Shitty phone camera quality aside.


I got a Youtube community strike for having a playlist....named Konosuba? The only thing in it was funny clips from the anime from Konosuba too. What the fuckkkk UPDATE: They overturned it but that was so stupid.


Damn just finished the Punisher and good lord was that awesome. The violence was fucking intense, I had to grimace a few times.


As an outsider looking into this whole Star Wars BF2 nonsense(I don't care for the game really but hate lootboxes). This is like...their 3rd apology and backtracking. At this point, they shouldn't get the benefit of the doubt. Especially when it's EA.


The closest I'll get to #selftoid. I laid down on the floor and my cat decided to snuggle into my arms.


Alright, after Stranger Things and Prey's OST "Everything is Okay." I'm digging into Synthwave now. It's dope.


Man Thor was great! Not the highest bar but easily the best Thor AND Hulk movie I've seen. Those 2 hours passed by so damn quickly.


I found out there's a Japanese version of Jump up Superstar on youtube. I want all the versions of this song in my veins.


Avoiding most of the internet to avoid spoilers.But Here is my long review of Mario Odyssey: It gud. It real gud.


When you have the day off from work because you're sick and Fire Emblem Warriors came but you're too sick to want to play. Ugh in more ways than one.


Saw a guy scream-talking about how George Washington put a ladder in the clouds and that's how he protected our country from Aliens. The Japanese also hunted these alien space ships and made 'foo fighters' out of them. I like his version of history better


Oh man finished Butterfly Soup, it was such a nice short game with really likable characters.


Started playing Butterfly Soup, a visual novel, and man the story is pretty great so far. The writing is entertaining.


For Spoopymonth, shouldn't Destructoid be Deadstructoid?


Before Monster Hunter: Pfft Desire Sensor, what a funny little inside joke in the MonHun community. After Monster Hunter: Desire Sensor is real and has no mercy. I'm not even farming anything huge. Just give me the god damn disc stones and Jaggi scales!


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