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I tried to give some tips to my friend about Stardew Valley.


Finally saw Infinity War and welp I'm gobsmacked. Thanos is definitely one of my favorite villains so far.


Oh shit! I forgot one of my old classmates worked on Dad of War! Wow. Just saw his status haha. Which reminds me of how he said he hated working on it cause of the crunch and stuff...


The Metal Gear Survive Konami should've given us.


Happy Easter Ya'll! It's also my cat's Birthday. She my little April Fool. Picture is a bit old but gaming related haha. Hope you all have fun and or relaxing day.


Reflecting on Assassin's Creed with a friend and it makes me miss Desmond. Like I get the criticisms for the modern day stuff but it at least served like a cohesive narrative across AC I-III even if it felt kind of lackluster at the end. Still miss Ezio.


I realized I wasted my 200th post by complaining about something haha. Well okay 201st post, let's start it off on the right foot. Here's a painting instead to celebrate. Can't seem to upload so imgur link in comments.


Berserk on Hiatus again after one of the worst god damn cliff hangers ever. Come On Miura, I am ALL about the artist getting their due rest/pays but this is almost criminal.


Yesssssssssssss!!!! Yasssssss! Smash all up in me baby. Gimme dat Smash.


Kirby Star Allies is the darkest game (demo) I've played this year. You brainwash your enemies into being your friends with love drugs and then erase them out of existence if you find a better friend to replace them. But it's super cute.


Heh. Nothing purrsoneel kid.


Saw Black Panther and damnnnnnn that was awesome. T'Challa and Killmonger were great but Okoye, Nakia and the rest of the female warriors made the movie for me. The fight choreography was just amazing every time they were on screen.


"Man, MHW is great but I guess I'll take a little break from MHW to unwind." A few minutes later, I start playing MHGEN. I have a sickness. I don't need a cure though.


Hahah I just realized Valentines Day was on hump day and I can't stop laughing to myself.


When you kill/capture Anjanath 3 times and got 3 rare Plates but only 1 tail and 1 fang. Desire Sensor is too real.


You know when I first started MHWorld, I was like this is pretty fun but nothing like amazing-amazing. Then I realized all I could think about when I'm not playing it is playing it.


Apparently Radiant Historia has a crap load of paid DLC for the 3DS re-release. Some of them apparently are even cut content from the original (I haven't played so I can't say). That's...kind of a super buzz kill.


Real life Palico Wednesdays. Ugh she's so cute.


Man MHWorld seems to be having a lot of problems on the Xbox One regarding online play. If only they had multiple betas or something to test their servers.


MHWorld came early! Also why did my Palico run to the handler and not me?? You've met her for like a second! I'd be madder if you weren't so damn cute


Good news is I have the night off work for once! Bad news is MHWorld isn't coming till Tuesday cause I pre-ordered last night when I caved haha


Holy fuck, Iconoclasts is fucking beautiful.


I beat Mario Odyssey's main story! So that's one new years resolution down! Now what new games to get....oh my wallet is getting the tingles. The bad tingles.


Our dtoid kind of crazy here in qtoid.


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