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Some of the World of Light battles are pure liquid bullshit. Sakurai, is this revenge for people asking you for things?


Wow I can't believe I won! Except I have never had any indiegogo projects. Ever. Unless my innovation is doing nothing haha.


Playing Sunset Overdrive now! And you know, the open world is actually a bit more fun than Spider-Man's. Everything just fits together so well once you unlock all your movement options. The port is a bit bare bones but solid for the most part.


Have had strep for like the last 5 days. I'm proud to announce I can finally eat solid food again with minimal pain. God food is amazing.


A friend is helping my get my art life together by giving my prompts and holding me accountable. I posted earlier but forgot Qtoid stretches out images. Image link in comments.


Adventure Mode is going start loe this for smash isn't it? Your mistake Master Hands. Big mistake.


Holy shit Asobi Asobase, I can't believe I waited this long to see it. My favorite comedy of the year so far. The intro is one hell of a bait.


Wait Fist of the North Star is out? Holy shit I didn't even hear about it.


Finally finished Spider-Man. Damn that was such a great game and I'm honestly considering getting the season pass because I really just want more of it. The last act was one hell of a ride. Now excuse me while I try to 100 percent everything.


Saw Transformers: The Last Knight with a friend for bad movie night. And good lorrdddd what a travesty. Michael Bay HAD to be piss drunk filming that. Nothing really made sense and the camera was all over the place. Anthony Hopkins should not be in this.


Inspired by the iconic shot of Into the Spider-Verse. Photo mode is fun as hell.


Man the Stark Suit (Homecoming suit) in Spider-Man looks so good I feel bad for not wearing the game's original suit. The shade of red on the Stark Suit just pops out so well. The texture on it are really nice too.


"Photo mode? Eh I'll get bored of it soon." I was wrong. This shit is dope.


Holy Canoli, Webzipping towards a pipe lets you dive through it? Damn that was dope.


Holy crap Spider-Man monologues as Spider cop really got me. I couldn't stop laughing. The quips and delivery are so good.


You know, the whole Amazon Prime discontinuing their 20 percent off pre-order is sort of a blessing in disguise. Now that the price remains the same pre-ordered or not, I don't feel the urge to buy a game before reviews come out anymore.


Saw Mission Impossible and the story and acting was pretty average but the cinematography and action more or less made up for it. Definitely the kind of mindless action flick I can really dig.


Saw Justice League last night and it's...kind of boring. My biggest beef is the Flash's running form. Reminded me of those Sonic running memes people used to animate where he's flopping around. It was literally that bad. The tv show did it so much better.


Cats are really flexible. She sleeps like that all the time.


Gotta say, I'm a bit late in getting it but Gotta Protectors is honestly a hell of a lot of fun. Probably one of the most underrated game ever. Dynasty Warriors in retro 8-bit works quite well!


Started watching Community last week and my god, I can't believe I slept on this for so long. I've been missing out.


Have a cat picture because she is the best.


I think the best part of the Smash ultimate reveal was Sakurai not looking like death.


All I've been thinking about is God of War haha. (NO SPOILERS) My main problem with the game is perhaps the main story is too engaging. I kept wanting to go to the next story beat without exploring first. Basically the opposite of BOTW but equally great.


Got Dad of War a week ago and just beat it now. Wow what a god damn game (hehe). But really, I love the continuous long shot of the whole game with no cuts. It made things feel so much more personal and tense. Need to digest more but loved it so much.


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