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Got into Twin Peaks recently... Why is everyone so gorgeous in that show?! Also, I friggin love David Lynch.


Life got busy. Been lurking mostly for a bit. Y'all are lovely. Bought a 55" 4k tv... First thing I do with it? Plug in the Dreamcast and play Soul Reaver. Judge me not.


Laaaaaa-aaaaarx! Weeeeehhh-ehhhhhsssss! Like, happy berthdey dudes. Like, stay radical and stiff, dudes.


Gonna try to convince the Lass to help paint the living room accent wall "Studio Ghibli Blue". Wish me luck ;)


Still sick. Got Thai food. How much chili sauce do I put in the soup? All the chili sauce. Clear sinuses, here I come!


I think I have the flu... Again. This is the second time since after Christmas... Had a fever-dream that my pillow was going to break like a sword in BotW. Had to save the good pillow until I got home.


So, I saw "The Last Jedi"... And I'm so very hesitant to share my thoughts on it... But I do want to discuss it. Hmmm....


When you're away from Dtoid for a few days and need to catch up on your share of comments that include the word "rad".


I woke up and thought today was Monday... So turned around its hilarious.


Have a question/discussion in the comments for anyone using a DS4 on PC. Thanks much.


Can't quite shake the sad feels as of late. Which sucks because I find myself becoming more sad about being sad around Christmas... Oy.


I know exactly what people mean about the save system in MM Zero... Oy! Other than that its rad. Controls like a friggin dream!


(One of) My band(s), Maid, is doing a cover of Genesis' "Mama". This is the single art. Any thoughts?


Anyone else have a problem 'over-gifting' during the holidays? I get such a high from it, lol!


I have proper internet access again! Yaaaaaay!


Anybody notice Droid eating more mobile data recently than normal when browsing on a phone?


Everyone, go read iam16bit's Panzer Dragoon C-Blog. It's right spiffy! I'm really looking forward to subsequent installments.


Budget finished. And, given the new apartment, Christmas, and school, I am set to grab a Switch in March! I'm excited!


My Glob! Deadmoon! Flanx! Happy Birthaversariy! You both are lovely!


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