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As a Lucio/Moira main, this hits close to home.


Also known as: 'The Destructoid Routine'


Only saw the 'Doom: Eternal' trailer today. Actual reaction:


I just watched two episodes of Eromanga Sensei and it has made me question why I watch anime. Eromanga is best summed up with this synopsis: "Something awful is shown... And then it gets worse."


Mentioned how great Black Ops 4 looks today but included a picture of Black Ops 3. Nobody noticed the difference. Call of Duty has lost its way lately and now even it's art style is indistinct from previous iterations.


No Man's Sky continues to be a buggy, thoroughly mediocre, poorly written piece of shit. In other news, sky = blue.


The Disney/Fox deal has been confirmed. If I'm correct, the parent company is now named 'New Disney' that oversees Disney and Fox; retaining the Fox name under the brand.


Working on playing through No Man's Sky and plans to write a decent sized piece on its current state. If you fancy helping me test out the multiplayer feel free to just chuck me an invite on PSN (I need more friends so please do).


Running a Warframe mission repeatedly for one singular part of a frame tonight. It's about as fun as it sounds, that is to say 'not very.'


So to add to everything else wrong at the moment my PlayStation decides that it wants to overheat when I try to play anything. Tried all the remedies given to me by Sony guides and YouTube and nothing works it just tells me to get fucked. What a day.


Tony Hawk's previous works were a little too 'new wave' for my taste, but when Underground came out in '03 I think the series really came into its own; commercially and artistically.


Alphadeus did a thing. The thing is good.


So yeah, 'Glass' is looking stupendous and I honestly can't wait to watch it, especially given how much of a masterpiece 'Unbreakable' is


Just started Atlanta and so far I love all of it. It might also be one of the best looking shows I've ever seen (fun fact, the director of several episodes, Hiro Murai, is the same guy who shot the "This is America" music video).


So I've been catching up on anime. Hanebado is the stand out so far (intense, well acted with gorgeous animation) but Cells at Work truly exemplifies how far humanity has come as a species when it manages to loli-fy your platelets.


Subnautica is coming to PlayStation 4 sometime later this year, thanks to Panic Button (guys behind Warframe Switch Port and Doom Switch Port). If you haven't managed to grab it make sure you do so, easily one of the best survival games on the market.


Been making my way through my "Games as Service" until I get sick of them, in order to justify deleting them. Warframe and The Division were easy, boredom set in after a few hours. Siege proved more difficult but today was finally the day that broke me.


I could totally see Bethesda doing this to be perfectly honest.


I'm currently getting absolutely fucking blathered because my football team appears to not be total shit for once.


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