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Dragon Quest 11 is batshit insane and the writing only gets more ludicrous the further in I go.


Had to explain to my niece what the difference was between Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Specifically that the people of Dubai don't like t he Flintstones, while the people of YabuDhabi Dooooooooo.


Any tips on grinding in Dragon Quest 11? Currently underlevelled for a boss das they swipe me every time regardless of difficulty. I've found the game to be super grindy so far, so any advice on how to cut it down to a minimum would be great.


Finished The Blade Itself. What a ride. I am aching to read the second and third entry. Logen is a great protagonist and badass as hell, but I'll be damned if Sand Dan Glokta isn't one of the best characters I've read in some time.


A well-crafted look at my favourite game of 2019. I'm so excited for the console release.


These bad boys came today. Going to try and devour them during lockdown.


Being depressed isn't just a mindset. It's a way of life in the UK right now. Bungling the vaccine = Zero sympathy from me.


My brother's gift has arrived. Finally, an author that doesn't use subtext.


Top 25 of all time... for now at least. I'll probably edit it even further, and the Top 10 constantly change anyways. The things I do when I'm anxiety riddled and sleep deprived. [Ordered 1-25, top to bottom]


My gaming aim this year is to beat some of my backlog. Would love to hear which of the following games you think deserve me to tackle first (popped it in comments, for it is long).


Happy New Year to all. You've helped me a lot with my personal disasters this year and I love you all for it. Thank you for providing me with an online space that I can call home.


I've now hit 21 crashes for Cyberpunk since last Saturday. Genuinely impressive. My record is 34 with Control, and Cyberpunk is FAR less stable than Control.


My friend brought up the fact that with Cyberpunk out, Avengers isn't the buggiest game of the year... And it hit me that The Avengers game only came out three months ago.


Just watched Soul. Moving, life affirming and charming as hell. After all the loss and sadness this year has brought to me and my loved ones, it's a film I needed in 2020. Beautiful stuff.


Good things about Cyberpunk: Judy is amazing, Panam even better. The main missions are pretty good when they aren't bugging out, blowing people's limbs off is a spectacle, and revolvers feel meaty as heck. I will never get tired of looking up either.


Been playing more Paradise Killer. The art style is nice, the setting is interesting, but the writing and voice acting are just atrocious. Damn it's pretty though.


Think I gotta call time on Hades. Great game, just too gruelling for me. I don't think I'll ever beat it so gotta move on instead; the lack of progression just made it feel stale after a while. Damn shame.


Gonna rewatch Shazam again to wash out the taste of WW84. God Shazam is such a dumb, fun movie.


The further into Cyberpunk the glitchier it becomes. Traffic has completely despawned now, my health bar reads as being empty so I can't be injured at all, facial textures on NPCs keeps vanishing, and I've had four more blue screens this morning.


Had my first blue-screen crash with Cyberpunk. It's like an old friend coming to visit.


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2018 - Return of the Obra Dinn

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