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Got the Horizon: Zero Dawn Platinum Trophy. Now to relax and play a game I have only heard good things about. Time for Divinity: Original Sin 2 baby. Here's hoping it's great.


Watched Hamilton. Was fine, nothing special. Maybe better in a theatre.


Tried Platinuming Horizon Zero Dawn. One of the collectibles is glitched so it's impossible to do without making a new playthrough. This is why collectible trophies suck.


Job hunting is proving to be a bitch. Hundreds of applicants within an hour of jobs going up. This so gonna be a long one. Hope y'all are doing well.


Just got gifted this game, gonna try and do a run through tomor... Oh. Oh no. Why did he buy me this.


Proof that watersports is just a part of nature man


Fuck 2020 man it just gets worse. Producers aren't the creatives in the process but I'd rather kill a baby deer than see this game half-assed in some adaptation.


TINY Last of Us Part 2 spoilers in the comments. I'm on my second playthrough and noticed something I really liked.


Four 89 degree angles making a perfect circle for you all


And that's The Last of Us Part 2 done. A few pacing issues, a few issues in narrative execution, but I got misty eyed at the end and currently feel like it's an excellent 9/10 game and probably Naughty Dog's best game overall. Exceptional stuff.


By the way all fellow Game Jammer's: If you need Voice Acting chops, script editing or anything else just let me know. Being jobless means more free time yo'


Anyone else super excited for Ghost of Tsushima? I keep forgetting it releases next month and I honestly can't wait. Going to have to scrape together some pennies to get it for sure.


To all fellow Game Jammer's. Given the topic of 'loss' being the theme for the Game Jam I have popped some media materials below for you so that you might get some inspirations for your games.


One day I'll get back to playing Doom Eternal. The gameplay loop just isn't as good as Doom 2016's (despite DE being an exceptional game). Some of its encounters feel more Souls-like in their approach and it means I have to prep myself before heading in.


Just encountered an enemy in The Last of Us that made me break my pacifist-ish run. A tiny spoiler in the comments.


The last time I played gameplay that was as smooth as The Last of Us Part 2 was Metal Gear Solid 5. About 4 and a half hours in and, after a little getting used to the controls, it's basically as smooth as warm butter.


He has gone. Into the West. The Grey Havens welcome the Ring Bearer with open arms. Rest in peace Ian Holm you talented man.


Just been let go from my job too. When it rains it pours I guess.


No Last of Us for me today. Delivery driver drove right past my house and then sent a message stating "Sorry you weren't in. We will be back on Monday." No internet for me until then. See ya round folks


Just stayed up to half-mast midnight to finish 'Changes' the twelfth Dresden Files book and... Fuck. My god. Holy shit. Hoo boy. I can't even... Yeah this series is probably one of the best series I've ever read, fantasy or otherwise.


How about you go away and rethink your priorities if 150 Diglett are that important to you.


So the Chris Redfield redesign in RE8 is totally because he's one of the Werewolves right?


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2015 - Undertale

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