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One of my friends just asked me whether we could watch Blade Runner 2049 and I am now seething with nerd joy that I get to see her watch this masterpiece for the first time.


Just watched Rango for the first time. What a great movie. Roger Deakins should definitely lend his talents to more animated features because this is one of the best shot animated films I've ever seen.


Damn well deserved. My favourite movie of last year winning Best Picture makes me incredibly happy.


Actual footage of me rewatching the second to last episode of BoJack for the thirtieth time.


Watched the final episodes of BoJack Horseman. I laughed. I cried. I owe a lot to this show for pulling me out of several different destructive behaviours and I am devastated that it's over. But it went out on a high note. And I'll cherish it always.


If I ever visit the states this will be me at every bar


He bathes in your tears and also gold coins.


Always be happy you exist at the same time as this.


"You can't cook to save your life, no wonder your parents left you. Oh I'm sorry, is that a little raw? So is the fucking food!"


Found Soulbow's cheesecake: Mountain Dew flavour with Doritos as a crunchy base.


Two years later and Monster Hunter World is finally beaten. Thank you to everyone who dragged me to this point and allowing me to finally defeat my gaming white whale.


Delays are inevitable. Except for Doom. Doom is eternal.


I know that Smash fans are against anime characters being in Ultimate, but I'd actually love it if this guy was included. If you could pick one anime or manga character for the next Pass, whomst would you include?


Saw that Mindhunter Season 3 was being blasted my way in Twitter. "Sweet," I thought. "When's the release date." And then I saw the tweets.


Plague Tale Innocence checked off my list. Perfectly fine game that hits it's stride in Chapter 3, then loses its way in Chapter 13. Solid stealth, great world, undercooked characters, poor ending and a villain that is laughably one note. About 7/10.


Wow eight Fire Emblem characters. Can't help but respect his love and bias for the series at this point.


I see literally only one option here.


The only way I can apparently beat Monster Hunter World is to hide in a corner while other people beat the Elder Dragons for me. 10/10 would recommend.


Turns out Death Stranding is good. Weird. The ending was super satisfying and I appreciate that 99.9% of the plot is wrapped up. Everyone gives great performances though the open world is thinner than BotW's is. 7.5/10


Don't let my awful opinions distract you from the fact Gus called Shaun of the Dead a bad movie.


I've finally realised that all the characters in the movie 'Cats' are actually Schrödinger's Cats and are both alive and dead at the same time. Whilst also being gassed to death in a box.


Adam Sandler deserved a damn Oscar nomination.


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