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Can't believe I'm about to say this but I just turned Roma off halfway through because it bored the ever loving fuck out of me. Damn shame because I've been hyped for it all year.


I'm going to use this comparison with every video game from this point onwards. (This gentleman is talking about 'Gris').


Drunk Limo wants to say he loves you all very much. That's how drunk I am.


Wrote a blog about some lesser known titles coming out next year. Check it out, maybe you'll spot something you were unaware of. Or maybe I underestimate your indie-spotting abilities.


Limo's Anticipated Games of 2019

Limo... With a blog? 2018 isn't even over yet folks but here I am, writing my blog for the stuff I'm excited for that is being released next year. To separate myself from the pack though, I have decided to not include the typical ...


My nickname is Disneyland because it seems super fun from the outside, but is filled with wait times and 2-minute rides.


Playing Dragon Quest 11 and I have several questions. Why am I playing as budget-Trunks? Why is everyone from Coventry? What street did they take these voice actors off of? Is every game in the series this pretty?


Glad you're all enjoying Smash! From what I've seen so far it seems like just another Smash entry; not a bad thing at all and am looking forward to joining the love-in on Christmas Day.


You had one fucking job Game Awards. My original bet was "...if it doesn't win, I'll change my avatar to Sheldon Cooper and only comment "Bazinga!" on articles for the whole of January." Thank Christ I switched it to something easier.


The entire trailer was basically: "Hey guys, we made Fallout. You know. The "not-shit" ones!"


Red Dead Redemption 2 will win Game of the Year. So sure am I that if it does not, I'll sell my copy of Smash.


Hope you guys enjoy Smash! I'll join you all in 19 days.


My lecturer approached me today to tell me that my 15 minute presentation due in March is on Anime. I think I got this.


I think Bryan Dechart has broken my sexual compass.


Detroit: Become Human. A game that treats it's players like they're imbeciles. The so called "plot-twist" that occurs has made me angry because they thought it would surprise anyone. Thank God Connor is compelling enough to keep me playing.


Apparently keeping tropical fish as pets will help lift your mood. Something to do with all the indoor fins.


Waking up to hear your favourite Marvel show is cancelled just sours the rest of your day.


Interesting shit I get sent by my friends.


I would kill for a Star Wars spoof written by Monty Python.


Despite owning so many games I haven't played, I need to resist this awful urge to splurge on Let's Go.


Guess who just bought Fallout 76? Not me. I bought Dragon Quest 11. Hopefully I enjoy it. (Screw Bethesda).


Made a thing. I call it 'The Real Way to Play Siege.'


About TheLimoMakerone of us since 6:59 AM on 03.25.2015

Hello there. I'm insane. From England.
I love what you've done to your carpets.

The horror genre means a great deal to me (mainly as they give me excellent ideas on how best to dispose of my ex-girlfriend) and I have expressed my love for the genre in countless blogs which must be especially grating for the other members of Destructoid to read but, eh, f*** it.

I mainly game on the Playstation 4 and you are more than welcome to connect with me on there if you want but, if you're new here, interact with me a bit first because, believe me, I'm an acquired taste.
Well, acquired taste... Wanker.
Tomato, tomato.

As for some of my favourite games, they range from Silent Hill 2, Okami, Deadly Premonition, To the Moon, Undertale, Bloodborne, Bioshock... I will play anything as I find joy in the strangest of places.

Anyhow, if you actually read this (which nobody does anymore), don't ever feel afraid to start a conversation with me in the comments or on discord. I will give anyone the time of day.
So long as you aren't French of course.

Also decided to add my Games of the Year from years past, just because I can't really place my thoughts elsewhere:

2005 - Shadow of the Colossus

2006 - Okami

2007 - BioShock

2008 - Call of Duty: World at War

2009 - Batman Arkham Asylum

2010 - Nier

2011 - Portal 2

2012 - Spec-Ops: The Line

2013 - The Last of Us

2014 - Valiant Hearts

2015 - Undertale

2016 - Oxenfree

2017 - Persona 5