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So in order to fully understand KH3's story, you have to play/watch: KH1, CoM, KH2, 358/2, BBS, Coded, DDD, 2.8 AND Union Cross whilst making sure that the plots of those games don't get lost in your head. Thanks Nomura.


So I just won a game of Apex Legends. It feels like a mod or cut DLC. That's not to say it's bad just bland. Here's the thing: If this was included as a mode in Titanfall 3 I'd be so down for it! But it lacks any USP that I can't see it surviving long.


Just a heads up for fellow lovers of Titanfall (and those who were aching for Titanfall 3). Got some disappointing news for you.


*Any opinion I have on any video game ever*


I say this as a man who is abnormally excited for KH3... But I would have been absolutely fine with KH2 being the end. The exchange at the end gets me every time. "We're back." ... "You're home."


Very happy with how my stream went last night. No technical hiccups that I caused, my gameplay wasn't as bad as I was expecting and the chat didn't absolutely lay into me for being shit at the game. Thabk you to those who turned up; til the next time.


I may be streaming this afternoon/evening (depending on your country of habitation). Resident Evil 2 is the game of choice. I'm a complete newbie to the game, so come and watch me scream like a 4 year old boy. 8/9pm GMT is most likely.


Remember to keep an eye out for 'Inmost' an action-horror indie game. Recently announced to be coming to Switch and PC (at least) with inspirations from Lovecraft, Limbo/Inside and a whole host of other stuff; it looks swell. GIFs of gameplay below.


Just played an hour of Resident Evil 2 (as Claire, will start again and stream as Leon). Easily more tense, spooky and startling than REmake 1. Looking forward to the rest of it for sure.


Just found out that there's a time-limit-esque mechanic in Resident Evil 2. I can already see what my playthrough will consist of now...


Just seen Glass. I don't have much to say. That movie hurt.


It's okay Doom 3. Some people think you're a 5/10.


Turns out Tetris Effect is one of the best games of last year. It's soundtrack is one of the best I've heard in some time. Definitely check it out.


GM and I are gonna be trying to play A Way Out very soon, streaming for your enjoyment of course. I'm pretty buzzed already, so if I get too drunk and rowdy for you just close the stream. It won't be like you'll be watching anything good anyway


Dragon Quest XI is so English, even English people have difficulty understanding what people are saying.


Hitman 2 and Obra Dinn done and dusted. Hitman proved to be far more challenging than I originally thought it would be. Obra Dinn is an absolute delight and one of the best games of the year.


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Also decided to add my Games of the Year from years past, just because I can't really place my thoughts elsewhere:

2005 - Shadow of the Colossus

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2010 - Nier

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2012 - Spec-Ops: The Line

2013 - The Last of Us

2014 - Valiant Hearts

2015 - Undertale

2016 - Oxenfree

2017 - Persona 5