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I found some PhilKenSebben-scented candles.


Happy Birthday, ChronoLynx! I don't have many lynx-related memes.


What is your confound? SNART! Debilitating nachos in empty RV horror film makes tower! Clocks. What bread is this?!


Current status:


Hey guys. Have you read my debut book, 'Death Dealers' yet? Did you know my newsletter has free stories? Check the comments!


Happy Birthday, Heston! Bring that taut ass over and let's get this jacuzzi bubblin'!


I hate that I felt hype watching this. My brain keeps telling me that EA is going to taint it, even more than it already has. The announcement already has platitudes. But damnit, it's my favorite game series. Damnit.


Thanks to all you amazing people for your birthday wishes. The Destructoid community is one of the best around. You're all the finest-ass queens in my book.


Mm, tastes like a Mr. Saturn peanut-cheese bar.


Mm, tastes like a Mr. Saturn peanut-cheese bar.


I've had more dreams start or end this way than I can count.


I've had more dreams start or end this way than I can count.


I dunno if you guys listen to The Stupendium but it's some good shit.


One day, we're going to get a survival/crafting game, set in the Warhammer 40k universe, at the end of the Golden Age of Technology. The Eye of Terror is born, you're stranded on an alien world, and you only have an STC databank and your will to survive.


Played a handful of demos last night. Swarm the City is a personal favorite. Rabbit Hole is Silent Hill if the evil presence of the town was Slavjank. Death Trash was haunting. Tormented Souls looked great but a weird tone. You should play Dread Templar.


Not only does Batman eat pussy, he trained for two years with a Tibetan hermit to master the Twelve-Tongue Clit-Exploding Flick.


Sipping canned mead, and canned Crown Royal Et Cola while I worry over a friend's wellbeing. #AMA, but leave them out of it.


The only E3 presentation I care to mention.


Phasmaphobia + Hunt: Showdown. A team of 1-6 monster hunters of different classes and builds enters a sprawling map, hunts for clues to a source of great evil, and banishes it. Different modes allow for Masterminds, 1 Big Bad, or 3v3 Hunter v Monsters.


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