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Do it or you're a coward.


Something at my reading maturity level.


Death Dealers has launched! Follow Alex Fossor, Necromancer, as he contends with dark magic, secret societies, silver-tongued femme fatales, undead frat boys, and a drug-peddling cult seeking the ultimate high. Link in the comments!


I only have one task in RE2R; beating the No Way Out scenario to unlock the cat ears. But I can't seem to pull it off. I've watched a dozen different "how to" videos but I dunno, I think I just don't have the luck/marksmanship.


We don't talk about the Alien Trilogy (PS1) soundtrack enough.


I keep grinding against this brick wall that is the Extra modes in RE2R. Each one is kind of memorable, and blessedly short, but I'm tired of this "thread the needle" approach to challenge, where lucky and specific actions are your own way to win.


What kind of pod person bullshit is this?


I'm looking for some ARC (Advanced Review Copy) readers for my upcoming book. If you're in the mood for dark urban fantasy and a conscientious necromancer trying to clear his name, I've got some slots open. Link in the comments.


And done. All four scenarios, Hardcore S+. Got a little hectic at the end, using my shotgun against the final, final boss. But he went down. I went from struggling through Standard to curbstomping Hardcore. The power of practice, baby.


James settles the debate.


Another successful run. Claire's late game is ridiculously easy. But I couldn't find a strategy for taking on Birkin I that didn't involve the bloody knife glitch, so I improvised with my sixgun, and the submachinegun. Some lucky focus-fans helped.


So are we ever going to see God depicted as a mellow, friendly, honest nice person ala Bob Ross or Mr. Rogers, instead of a woefully insecure asshole and bully because the show's writer wants to blame someone for being an unfuckable loser?


The RNG gods were generous today.


Trying to get back into Iratus: Lord of the Dead, but I've forgotten all the good synergies I got. Anyone who plays the game know a few good squads?


Well I thought it was doing okay but Darkwood's Old Wood has starting kicking my ass and killing my desire to keep playing.


Normally I'm not a fan of the "perky teenage sidekick" in any medium, but Rebecca was smart, skilled, and outside of a regrettable prequel and some bit parts throughout the franchise, she hasn't gotten the respect or spotlight she deserves. #womentoid


I knew The Merkins did some horror film/music blends, but Hellraiser and Alice in Chains is my new favorite thing.


#Indietoid Sword of the Necromancer. A woman takes up a cursed sword that reanimates slain monsters to find a way to resurrect her fallen love. A rogue-like dungeon-crawl slasher where you have to think tactically about which monsters to utilize.


Managed Leon's B Scenario at around 1:30 minutes, because I chose not to get the Magnum or mess around in the sewers. I still think the zombies are trolling but I beat the bosses a lot faster this time. Anyways here's some silliness.


Thought I'd play the B scenarios for RE2R, but the game seems to be deliberately trolling me now. I can't get to the first boss without getting killed. What the hell. Guess I'll have to uninstall it and play it again in 2 years. /shrug


Been a long time since I've had reason to boast about video games but this is my first S+ rank, no chest, no heals, no saves. Standard mode, so it's not like I'm epic tier, but I'm happy to have this moment.


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