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In case you missed it, I posted an epilogue for the Bass Awards in the cblogs yesterday! Links in the comments as always ^^ Hope you all have a nice Monday!


Binding of Isaac Repentance is a truly wonderful expansion. Anyone that enjoyed Isaac in the past, but wasn't sure about getting it because Afterbirth+ wasn't incredible, don't worry. It surpasses expectations.


Bass Awards [Epilogue]

Reconnect. KINGDOM HEARTS The apartment door flies open. That, by itself, is enough for Alba to know who's visiting without turning to look. MARIE: Yoooo! Guess who’s done with her finals? ALBA: Heyy, look at you! Congrats! MARIE...


Ah! Who's played the new Binding of Isaac DLC? Co-op is pretty wonderful in it, I find.


Haven't been doing the greatest lately, but the possibility of my parents being able to get their first vaccine dose in the coming days is at least cheering me up a little


Ludum Dare 48 starts in two weeks! For those unaware, it's one of the biggest game jams around, with two categories: Team projects over 72h, or solo projects over 48h. Is anybody here planning to join in?


Picasso has been MIGHTY quiet since this new character just dropped. Say hello to Mirama's chapter 4 boss! I'm calling her Emilia. (Second bump!)


Oh no, they're going to nerf my main before Guilty Gear Strive is even out I can feel it. Every region put her at the top of their favorite character list.


SiIvaGunner is posting a lot of Super Bros music today to celebrate Luigi's world-famous series. Worth taking a look!


I won't have Mirama updates for a little while to focus on (boring) fundamentals. Better to actually focus a little with my limited game dev time. Take this quick Mélodie sketch for now, hoping to have cool things to show again by May! Edit: Day bump!


I miss pre-pandemic times when we could do things like this and not worry about catching a disease in the process.


Not fully finished, but here's a cursed villager I started sketching last evening. Pretty happy with how she's turning out! Now she needs a name... suggestions? :)


Final bump, I've recorded my stream of the Bass Awards and posted the video in the comments. If you're interested but didn't want to read a couple hours of visual novelry, or just want to hear a french accent for 4 (four!) hours, this is for you!


The squad's here! Plus, say hello to Mr. Partmint, my first NPC! Wait, bathrobes didn't exist a thousand years ago? Uh... then let's just call this a kimono? Bumperino!


I said I wouldn't do it... So why am I doing it?


Let's say, hypothetically, I was going to stream The Bass Awards for their anniversary next Saturday evening (8PM EST?). Would you be interesting to you guys? Does the time sound good?


After a week of hiatus, I'm back to working on Mirama! First order of business was doing a game design document -- it was about time!


Still love this commercial. Love it to bits!


Happy birthday Lily! Hope you're having a great day :)


The deed is done! Too spooked to go for the secret bosses haha


They kept fighting, because they believed they could overcome someday... Isn't that right, Kainé!?


My #indietoid is going to be A Hat in Time, my favorite 3D platformer of the last couple years! Really charming and fun to play all around, even if the ship DLC needed a bit more time in the oven.


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