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Oh, were you thinking you could hide?


Hmm, should I start with the new The World Ends With You tomorrow, or the Ace Attorney collection?


Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of Chainsaw Man, released a touching one-shot about manga creation yesterday! It's readable for free on Viz, I'll add a link in the comments.


New dialogue box just dropped! I don't have portraits for it yet but it's automatically scaled like the rest of the game and has animations when you finish a page or an entire conversation. Bump!


Ayyy Guilty Gear Strive has sold 500k copies so far. That seems really good for a fairly niche player in a niche genre!


My plans for the 5 chapters of Mirama. With the longer runtime compared to Miracles and Magic, I want to give each Leyline a unique feel. They'll all represent a different source of hope! Final bump give me feedback or be cursed with mismatched socks!


Done with Chicory! Another game completed off the backlog in one week, pretty happy about that. It's very cute, creative and fun to explore as well! Not quite the homerun Celeste was, but what is? More thoughts in the comments.


Done with Yakuza Kiwami 2! Real great entry, much much more enjoyable than Kiwami 1 -- and now I'm left wondering which I prefer between 0 and 2. I'm thinking 0 edges it out story-wise, but this boss theme made for such a great finale.


I would have found the OLED switch nifty if it was a refresh, but changing so little 4 years in and still increasing the price by 50$...?


Did more coding for Mirama for the first time in a little while! Well, outside of implementing animations. Now the game window handles arbitrary resolutions and everything! Bump!


Y'all better get Somnium Files and Somnium Files 2, or that's three spanks you're getting


Taking a look at the upcoming Final Fantasy collection... I'd say the PSP rereleases of 1 and 2 still are the best, visually. I get what the collection is doing by making the character sprites fit the original game, but [CHAOS] do be looking tiny in 1


Yooo the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation is looking on-point!


Speaking of creating stuff, Chicory's real neat! If you've ever wanted a Mario Paint adventure game, highly recommended ^^


In case you missed it #2: The new Destructoid Draws is OUT! Thanks so much to everyone who participated -- now let's all get some much-deserved rest. Link in comments!


In case you missed it #1: Still working on Mirama slowly but surely! Here's a little preview of BĂ©atrice's new sprite and idle animation :)


Destructoid Draws ENCORE: Dream Crossovers!

Wow, I would totally buy this on a shirt! Hot off the momentum of the last Destructoid Draws ei... Eight months ago? That can't be right, can it? Well, most video games out there are being delayed anyway, so why don't we... why don't w...


Final weekend final weekend [alarm noise]


It's the Quebec national holiday today! Time to kick back, relax and finish the Cabaret minigame in Yakuza Kiwami 2. Bonne Saint-Jean!


I hope y'all are pronouncing his name like "Teedus", not "Taidus" >:(


Had a great time playing Guilty Gear with Frosty and Hypno today! Hypno's May was a menace, please stay careful in the presence of dolphins y'all.


Guilty Gear Strive is dope by the way. Went into ranked and am having a 50% win rate in floor 5 which makes me pretty satisfied with playing online (especially with that wonderful netcode)!


Funny, the two games that are going to be the heaviest hitters for most, Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid Dread, are the ones I'm most ambivalent on. But this was still a great direct! New Wario Ware, Super Monkey Ball, good Mario Party, Advance Wars...


I watched Bo Burnham's Inside today. It's really good -- don't go in(side) expecting it to blow your mind and you'll find a moving, melancholic concert with just enough humor to help swallow that pill better.


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