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Second and last QP I make about PM: The Origami King, but this video was a pretty spot-on match for how I feel about it.


Happy birthday Prins! Hope you have a great one :)


What's the pick? I feel like I should start laying off the BP, but it feels so goood.


Is there a boss fight theme out there that gets you more pumped than Rivers in the Desert? What an absolute banger.


Who'd be interested in doing something like this? A friday night free-to-play dtoid race-off doesn't sound too bad to me!


They always ask how you do but they never ask who you do :'(


Finally managed to get my stuff together enough to get back to working on my game jam entry. Have y'all made anything cool so far?


The more I play Smash Ultimate, the less I like it... :/


Oh noo I'm playing a gacha. Oh nooooooooo


Let's spread some positivity. What's the last game/show y'all have been in love with?


Played the new Magic Core Set with friends today, and look who I pulled? The timey wimey boy himself.


I have assembled all three pieces of Exodia! Retrocompatibility on the Wii is pretty nifty.


Dialogue system in, and my limited vision system now changes the color palette to be darker. Now I just need to work on the actual game bits!


The Flaming Hot Jam's officially begun! This is incredibly exciting for me haha. Can't wait to see what people participating end up creating :D


AAAAAAA everyone the flaming hot jam begins tomorrow AAAAAA


Find yourselves teams of friends (or enter by yourself, if you're courageous), and enter the Flaming Hot Jam! It'll begin on June 21, to let people learn game making ropes. Edit: Starts in 3 days!!!!!!!!


Hope everyone that gets The Last of Us II enjoys it! I'll be on the sidelines, since it's not my kind of game, but it looks like an impressive technical feat at the very least.


This is... strongly Theatrhythm, but I'm not a fan of the behind the back camera and the generic art style. Kind of a disappointment considering how much I enjoy Theatrhythm.


The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed.


IGN's got a good summary of which games in the PS5 event were exclusive and which will release on other systems. Link (and copy-paste) in the comments.


Really surprised by the reception to the PS5 event on here. Lots of games of all scopes and styles -- had they taken out NBA 2K, made the button symbol transitions shorter and announced a new Gravity Rush it'd have been a 10/10 for me.


I was almost tempted by the discless version, because I prefer its look, but I uhh... Have a bunch of physical PS4 games I'd like to be able to play on there.


That was a crazy amount of interesting-looking games in the PS5 event! I really dug it. Kena in particular was a nice surprise!


PS5 event today. Either what they show impress me or I get to save some money, so it's a win-win! Here's some music to pass the time.


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