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You know I've never done any hard psychedelic drugs in my life but Thumper in VR gives a very compelling case of why I should.


Konami is making another 2D castlevania game!... For iphone and android...


The Syberia franchise is on sale, does anyone recommend it for its story and characters?


I wish Ubisoft would release a standalone Assassins Creed multiplayer game, that was an actual mode I was pleasantly surprised by.


Currently watching the Santa Clarita Diet and I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying it, it's like Dexter crossed with a family sitcom!


The worst arguement for the defense of Lootboxes has to be that it's not gambling because it doesn't match the literal definition of gambling. Yeah and homosexuals didn't use to be able to marry under its original definition either. Definitions change.


It's really depressing to see people on Reddit continue to defend and praise Overwatch's lootboxes.


Playing the original borderlands again is like putting on some old, slightly worn-out but comfortable pants.


I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy in this week sale, so heres a 20% off playstation code in the comment section, It expires by the end of tomorrow.


Time for another round of random games i found on Craigslist that I know nothing about.


Just finished the very first Witcher and it's the very definition of a flawed gem. The gameplay was extremely rough and yet I couldn't help but stay invested in its world and politics. Hopefully the sequel improves the gameplay.


Can anyone recommend me some VR games in the steam sale? I've already have space pirate trainer, keep talking and nobody explodes and sound boxing.


Just finished Black Panther and it was just ok. I enjoyed and appreciated the social commentary but T'Challa just wasn't as interesting as the villian or the supporting cast. It's missing that one "WOW" moment present in the other Marvel films.


The most annoying remark to hear while discussing fictional media has to be "It's just fiction bro, stop taking it so serious". Great observation skills Captain Obviously but you're not adding anything meaningful to the conversation by pointing that out.


Doesn't seem odd that Black Panther hired Kendrick Lamar as a composer? Nothing against him but doesn't a movie focused on (fictional) african culture with so much hip hop music feel out of place?


Here's a tip, instead of paying full retail price for the lazy and souless port of Radiant Historia, just grab the original copy for half the price!


Does anyone look at the state of the AAA games industry and kind of wish we had another video game crash like back in 83?


It's gotten more and more disturbing to me how people are suddenly defending paying for online services on consoles. I thought it was bad enough when we started justifying microtranscation in $60 games but somehow it gets worse.


Hot damn the Coral Highlands is one the most mystifying yet beautiful areas I've ever explored. It honestly feels like it leapt straight out of Xenoblade!


I never watched the Purge franchise so I don't have much of all opinion of them but I admit this made me laugh.


WTF is going on? I leave for a couple of hours and it's chaos. Why is everyone shitting on Wes?


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