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Have some smooth jazz to start off your Friday. =)


Recently caught up with Steven Universe. I really like it, the art style, story, and the MUSIC are all just great. So here's a sketch I did. Lapis is best girl.


Started off with creating an email account in 97ish: Artemisx083. I liked Artemis from Sailor Moon, Mega Man X, and it randomly generated 083. Then I went to Prowlerx083 then just went by Prowlah. Maybe i'll reveal more about Prowler for another day...


Here's a Catboy day sketch for y'all.


Probably spent too much time on this, but hey, it's FRIDAY!


Here's something I put together today for Catboy Thursday. Might do one for tomorrow as well.


Man, that prisma app makes some awesome artwork!


Probably late to the party, but I haven't watched any anime for a long time. Only 6 episodes in so far, and man, I totally had 8th grade syndrome. Might post a blog about it later.


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